The Tooth Fairy Looks Really Nice…

The tooth fairy looks really nice in this movie. Looks really nice, he says. Is this the first time my son has acknowledged the opposite sex? Weird. As we watched Rise Of The Guardians that night he mentioned his wiggly tooth & the tooth fairy’s appearance about 5 more times.


As I am tucking him into bed that night, he asks me what I think the mysterious tooth fairy looks like. I begin to give my best parental explanation; however, I am cut off by my volcano mouth child– Do you think she looks like she does in the movie????? Does my kid have his first little infatuation with a girl? I guess I should be content that this girl is not real?

Fast forward approximately a week & that wiggly front tooth is gone. (Side note: he lost the first of his two front teeth a decent amount of time before this 2nd one – The first front tooth missing made me feel nostalgic– I may have gotten a little misty. That being said, when this second one came out I jumped for joy. My child looked all kinds of crazy with that front tooth suspended by what looked like, nothing and a giant gap off to the side.)

Okay, so…the tooth is gone. Evening arrives & he tells me he wants to write the tooth fairy a note. He sits down at his desk and explains to me how every word has to be spelt correctly. How do you spell Guardians? …………How do you spell Picture?…………

This is how the note read:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

You look really nice in Rise of the Guardians. Have you collected a lot of teeth tonight? Please write back on the back of this paper and draw a picture of you.


Fast forward to 4:30AM the following morning & my groggy half asleep brain starts alerting me Hey…You forgot to be the tooth fairy last night. Instantly, as I lay motionless while my head is in hysteria mode…. I remember he requested a picture.

I rolled out of bed, grabbed the crayons he set so carefully beside his note and realized…a picture is not happening right now. I took his note & I started fresh with a new piece of paper. The tooth fairy’s response went something like this:

Dearest Bennett,

Thank you so much for the note! ………..<insert what you think you’d write from the tooth fairy>……… I cannot draw you a picture of myself. You see, no child really knows what I look like. Keep being a good boy & keeping your teeth so darn clean, next time… I will draw you a picture. (Side note: I know, I set myself up for that one…)

Love, The Tooth Fairy

PS. I hope you don’t mind…I kept your note.

When Bennett woke up, before his eyes were even opened, he mumbles, “the picture…..” & I instantly think I have failed as a parent. He is going to be so disappointed. After he read the note, he gets this silly little smirk on his face and he says, “I’m going to keep her note too.”

Being a mom is awesome. Parenthood is wonderful. I can’t wait to tell him that his first love was the tooth fairy.

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