Oh, Valentines Day…

Oh, Valentines Day…

If you want to click right up there on that handy link – I read this article today. It caught my eye because it starts out with, “Americans will spend $17.3 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts this year.”

I’m sorry… WHAT?! 

So, I continue to read & it goes on with all this craziness about people spending over $200 on a gift – For Valentine’s day. I mean, if your significant other spends that on you, and you love it and think it’s wonderful – that’s great. I’m kinda happy for you.


I prefer to think that there are more people that don’t care what they get for a gift, if they even get a gift at all. $17.3 BILLION!? I’m sorry, that number just seems so astronomically outrageous.

I’m not talking about the lame cliche statement of, “It’s the thought that counts” – I’m talking about, It’s the money that counts.  I appreciate a nice cheap, or preferably free gesture. If my husband took a piece of paper and a sharpie (plain black would do just fine)…and wrote, “I love you, Babycakes.” on it – I’d probably save it forever (I’m a sentimental hoarder – but that’s a topic for a different day).

Another tidbit of knowledge this article shared with me is that married couples don’t try as hard. Well, jeeze…I certainly hope they don’t. They don’t have to. The other person MARRIED you. They have committed to be with only you for the rest…of….their….lives. Why would I need my husband to go to a store and purchase an expensive thing to show me how much he loves me? That’s ridiculous.

I’m not saying Valentine’s day shouldn’t be celebrated – by all means – Show your love.

Tonight, I am looking forward to my husband cooking me a delicious dinner – because, let’s get real…a delicious meal trumps any gift he could buy.

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