Choking at Half Time

I had a thought the other night while my the husband and I were playing a lovely game of Life. Ya know, that board game we played as kids where you can purchase life insurance and stocks and land on spaces that prompt: Pay 6,000 for furniture &You were in an auto accident pay $12,000.

…. Ages 9 & up.



The same thing happens 92% of the time when Brandin and I play any sort of game. Cards, board games, putt-putt (or mini-golf, whatever you choose to call it).

Either, A.) I suck the entire time and end up losing. Or, B.) I start off way ahead and about half way through it all takes a turn for the worse making the result the same as A. I lose & Brandin wins.

This is my thought: I am a Vikings fan. Brandin is a Packer fan. The same thing happens to our teams of choice. Think about it. The Vikings, 92% of the time either don’t stand a chance from the beginning, or…they start off the first half lookin’ real great, half time comes and they choke. The Packers, 92% of the time win. No matter what.

Double Whammy. It’s not easy being me.


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