Facebook – So Unpleasantly Wonderful…


I will admit it. I check my Facebook & read my news-feed (why the hell is it called that? It is not news at all, with the exception of the few actual news channels I “friended”), with the best of them. The amount of time I spend reading other people’s versions of “importance” is very a bit unreasonable. Really though, who doesn’t feel that way?

I’m convinced everyone has Facebook “friends” that don’t feel the shame of it. That is, unless you are one of the rare people who actually delete every single annoying person off your feed – in that case, you are a better person than I & probably do not need to continue reading.

Not only do these “friends” not have the shame in their excessive use of Facebook – they just have no shame, period.


Perhaps that why I keep them on my news-feed? Is it entertainment? Do I actually like griping about their pointless status updates every 15 minutes? Is there some sort of enjoyment involved when reading a status that is so vague & attention seeking? Gosh, after thinking this all out – maybe I do need to clean out the good ol’ friends list. Or, maybe not…

Nope, I’ll just keep bitchin’ about it.

Can we discuss typos? I understand that for how often their status’ are updated, that these people must be in a hurry. I’m human. I make mistakes and typos – but really, can I make a request? Just read over the status you are about to post, one time, before committing to it. Punctuation can do wonders. Read this for me…

“i have a cold didnt sleep last night this cough wont go away wish i had madacine omg”

Goodness, that’s just uncomfortable. This is not acceptable. Where are the Facebook moderators? Can I be one? I would delete the crap outta every status that looks like this. I just came up with a rule for myself, literally…just now; feel free to use it. If I have to re-read a status update more than 3 times (pretty generous if you ask me…) to understand clearly what you are trying to say – I am deleting that person…………….Who am I kidding? I don’t want to deal with the uncomfortable position of being confronted about it, even if it is electronically.

I could go on…But I’m going to stop myself there.

Facebook is so unpleasantly wonderful.

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