Someday…I’m going to blog.

2 Years Ago: I think I want to start a blog.

1.5 Years Ago: Yep, I’m totally going to start a blog.

1 Year Ago:  I know I keep saying this…but, someday I’m going to blog.

1/2 Year Ago: Now or never, Jen…

TodayWhy didn’t I do this 2 years ago?

I need a creative outlet – I’ve been writing to no one for a long time. There is crap floating around up in my brain that people will agree with, some may think is a little funny, some may relate to & some just might hate it.

What are these leisure activities called, “hobbies” that I keep hearing about? There is a good chance I completely forgot what having a hobby is like. Is that pathetic? I feel like it should be.

There is a whole separate part of my brain that has been stagnate for to long; I can physically feel it exercising & it is awesome.  Entries are writing themselves in my head at the line in the grocery store, while doing the dishes, laying in bed at night – you get it – it’s taking over. Now that I am writing to someone, rather than no one – there is a new sense of obligation that wasn’t present before. It’s welcome & it’s intimidating – I most surely revel in the challenge.

So here’s to sharing a glimpse inside my head. You might like it. You might dislike it. Either way – I’m happy to be doing it.


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