A Long Way

Since I am making a valiant effort get back on my healthy train – I found this quite inspirational. I may post a few things here and there about getting healthy – but I have a tendency to take the more sarcastic route. Enjoyed this post a lot.

Becoming Angela

Last night I went out for coffee with my friend. I suppose it had been a little more than a month since the last time we were together, so it was good to sit, relax, sip our beverages of choice, and just catch up.

At one point, my friend was relating one of her stories (she is a most excellent story-teller) about an interaction that she had with another woman during a study on friendships. They had been asked to share about one of their friends, and my friend shared about me. What she was relaying to me last night was a mere recap, so I don’t know what words she actually said about me…although it would be interesting to know. The basic gist of it was that she was proud of me for making changes in my life and being healthy inside and out.

For once I didn’t mind…

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