What a stupid question, MSN…

I have a tendency to frequent the homepage of MSN to see if there’s anything newsworthy that’s clickable. Occasionally, I’ll get a case of ‘Clickers Remorse’. I feel like a moron when I chose a meaningless & completely insignificant article over something that’s relevant in the real world. Not long ago, I clicked on a “news update” regarding Aaron Carter still having feelings for Hilary Duff. Yeah…I don’t know? On the same page, up higher were actual news articles…like, the ones regarding Russia. Those are the ones I should be reading, not anything regarding Aaron Carter or Hillary Duff; I’m embarrassed. I even thought to myself while skimming the article, Why do you give a shit? Three minute’s I will never get back. I’ll spare you the details.

Moving on to what I initially intended to get into… MSN had this Facebook update today.

If you’d like to read the article, it’s clickable.

Did any of you see that and actually not think the obvious? Are you questioning what the obvious is? Who knows, possibly it’s not that obvious .

Anyone who has not seen Blackfish, go rent it. It is really sad & depressing – but it’s the type of sad & depressing you’ll keep watching. When it’s over, I promise you will never want to go [back] to SeaWorld. (You have my word, it is way better than I just made it seem).

So…I see this update and think to myself – Duh..of course I think this bill is a good idea. What a stupid question, MSN……

I will give you a quick rundown in case you’d rather not read it…

  • The Assemblyman who brought this all up watched Blackflish & decided to bring it up to the more important guys. (You should really watch that movie)
  • He thinks its just downright wrong to keep a collection of orca whales in captivity for our entertainment purposes.  (Obviously…)
  • SeaWorld declined any comments. (Declined…..not, “Unable to reach for comment” – Declined)
  • Assemblyman held a news conference with a bunch of well known animal activists to announce the bill, including the director of Blackfish. (Watch it.)
  • SeaWord in California currently has 10 Orca Whales, 7 of which were born in captivity. (Poor Orcas)
  • While it is not totally 100% final on paper – It appears California has no intention to stop it from happening.

I guess the legality of it all isn’t as obvious as I thought.

I’m not an animal rights fanatic. I have no plans to start a Free The Orcas rally. This in particular just really astounds me; who makes the final decision? I imagine I could figure it out if I wanted to put the effort into it, but I somehow doubt that would be worth my time. There’s really nothing to back me up on this, but maybe…….just maybe, could it potentially have something to do with the revenue it brings the state of California? What’s a different explanation?

That’s messed up…Go watch Blackfish.

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