Name. Name. Name.

My name. Your name.  The name of the movie you watched last week. The name you will title your latest piece of art. The name of the street you reside on. The name of the book you are reading. The name your love calls you to be sweet. The name your child calls you when they’re mad. To make a name for yourself.

My name is Jennifer, that’s what my parents call me anyway. My husband calls me Babycakes. Coworkers call me JLo. Friends call me Jen & Jenni. Bennett calls me Mom. Polite strangers call me ma’am. Some may call me ‘That bitch’. On the contrary, some may call me ‘That nice girl over there…’

Your name is… (Feel free to introduce yourself below).

The name of the movie I watched last week was Harry Potter. (Full of crazy names). The name of the book I’m reading is “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened”. The lovely and talented lady who wrote this book has a name also. It’s Jenny Lawson – I encourage you to treat your eyes and brain to her literary awesomeness ASAP.

The name I am currently trying to make for myself is, Properly Ridiculous; through this name, I express myself. This name I have embodied has shown me who I am and has answered a lot of questions I have been seeking answers to.

The word itself, “Name” wears many hats; positive or negative, loving or hateful – Regardless, it can be powerful.

16 thoughts on “Name. Name. Name.

  1. Wonderful take on the challenge of names! I love your witty and comical name Properly Ridiculous. To me, I see an intelligent, talented, and beautiful woman who knows not to take life too seriously and has a refreshingly brilliant life philosophy. It’s amazing that this blog has brought you to answers you might not have found otherwise. Inspiring post!


    1. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate the kind words. It’s been a learning process, that’s for sure!
      I struggled with this one a little bit – but my rough draft quickly turned into my final. Initially I had a completely different idea on how to approach this challenge, but I was content with the outcome. That, right there are the answers I’m talking about – It’s so lovely being able to start here and end up waaaaay over there & still feel good about it. I’m not used to that!
      I haven’t had a chance to read your entry on this challenge yet – but I look forward to it! (I can only look over my shoulder so much during the day, & I know you know what I’m talking about!)



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