Crap. Am I bad parent? : St. Patrick’s Day Edition

I took this ‘letter to a leprechaun’ out of Bennett’s folder after school today.

St. Pattys Day Bennetts Letter

And then, I had the following thoughts (in their particular order) :

  1. Something acknowledging how cute it is. Obviously.
  2. I wasn’t aware that everyone else’s parents played Santa Leprechaun for their kids….Ugh.
  3. I wonder if he actually feels sad about it.
  4. That would have been a cute idea………I guess.
  5. Crap. Am I bad parent?
  6. ……………………………
  7. I bet I can still find one.
Yeah…I don’t know. I hope that’s normal.

6 thoughts on “Crap. Am I bad parent? : St. Patrick’s Day Edition

  1. Er, I think it’s a good idea to get the poor kid a hat. After all, you don’t want him, twenty years from now, resenting you for depriving him of a leprechaun hat. That’s something that could stick with someone forever! 🙂
    Really cute post though! Thanks for sharing!


    1. I’m worried that if I don’t have one “hiding” somewhere when he gets home from school today (that we “must have missed on Monday) – it will result in years of expensive therapy. He’s so deprived…


      1. Yeah, I agree. And look at it this way- those hats are like 50% off right now. The leprechaun wouldn’t have wanted you to pay full price! He’s a very understanding individual, that’s why he gives out those pots of gold left and right!


      2. Haha! That’s a great point. Plus, not only is he an understanding lil guy – He’s really good at hiding his gifts. “Don’t know how we missed this green leprechaun hat hiding here since Monday…” I’ll just explain it to Bennett as “Magic”, that way he will just have to accept it and no further questions can be asked.
        I’m really glad we talked this out.
        No harm done.


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