Confusion, Delight & Piece Of Mind

It’s so cliche to say that one might feel honored, or privileged to be nominated for an award. Those words do not quite capture how I felt when I saw my friend, Adelie – over at ARTFULLY ASPIRING nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.

It’s a shame that I can’t quite put the words on paper – but what started out as confusion quickly turned to gratitude, delight & piece of mind. I’m grateful that Adelie & I crossed paths; her writing is honest (even her fiction) and through her words you can see that putting words onto paper & sharing them with us is her passion. I hope you check out her work.

The delight & piece of mind that followed the gratitude was just a big ol’ (much needed) breath of fresh air.

I’m doing something right!

My goal when I started this blog 43 days ago, was to in some way reach out. I knew I enjoyed writing & I knew I had plenty to say; but what followed, was truly unexpected.

I had no clue this entire blogging community existed. My short time here, has opened my eyes to a million new possibilities – and I owe a lot of that to the people I have had the pleasure of sharing this massive writing canvas with.

I’m still learning & putting the pieces together – but so far, it feels good. My blog (that I’ve been meaning to start for 2 years) has given me a fresh sense of confidence. This new sense of awareness feels good; I know who I am now.

I’m a writer.

Thank you again, Adelie for the unexpected nomination.

A requisite to accepting the nomination is to give you guys the pleasure of learning seven things about myself. I have not yet decided which route I want to go with this – or if I intend to map it out at all. I think the most beneficial and non-boring way to achieve this… is to not have a plan.

Here we go.

In no particular order – cause there’s no rhyme or reason at all.

I have a totally unimportant talent.

I’m really good at catching things in my mouth.

Don’t be gross…

Apparently, the one thing I chose to excel at as a child was catching snacks in my mouth while I take a break from highlighting each show I’m going to watch in the TV Guide.

Yes…That is how I spent my summer vacations.

Some may have gone to the beach…some may have been outside riding bikes…I made a sport out of watching TV. It went something like this…

9:00am-10:00am: Montel Williams (Predictions with Sylvia Brown was my personal favorite).

10:00am-11:00am: The Price Is Right (I had a notebook – and I played along. I’m not making this up.)

11:00am-12:00pm: Ricki Lake (Girl It’s Gonna Get Heated…I’ve Got Proof Your Man Cheated!).

12:00pm-1:00pm: Jenny Jones (In High School You Called Me A Total Tool, Now I’m The King Of Cool).

You get the idea…

It may not seem impressive…(catching snacks, not watching TV…I know that the TV thing was kinda pathetic)

but I’ll be honest…I impress myself. I’d say it’s a solid 9 out of 10 times.

I love driving alone.

Whether I want to have hypothetical, uninterrupted conversations with the cars around me – or simply just resort back to my 16 & 17 year old self; You know what that means – I don’t think I need to explain…that’s what I do & it makes me feel good.

As an adult, I have never had to experience loss.

I don’t think about it regularly but, that’s scary. I have not even a tiny sliver of insight to how I will react when someone I love passes away. While I’m fortunate to have managed to avoid loss for this long – it’s obviously inevitable.

I attended 3 different high schools.

  • 9th Grade- Half of 10th Grade: I attended a school in a big city. I had lived there since the 6th grade & I loved it there.
  • Half of 10th Grade – Half of 11th Grade: I attended a school in a small town. I was in awe that the high school only had one level. Everyone knew everyone & to me that was creepy. City girl in a small town.
  • Half of 11th Grade – Senior Year: I was back in a big city – only this was in a well-to-do suburb. While I was ecstatic to be in another multi-level school it did lack the diversity. Really though at this point, I was just ready to graduate & move on.

While I don’t look back on my high school years as the best years of my life or anything…the thoughts of them do not bring any negative feelings. (Now anyway…then, I would have told you otherwise).

I am going to start writing a novel.

You heard it here first; I haven’t really told anyone yet.

I’m still picking through ideas and exploring the idea of creating this fictitious world & to me, that’s exciting! The idea in itself is a time consuming thought. Since I have made the mental decision to write a story – I get lost in it. The ideas are so vast and unorganized right now but soon I will start getting them together & I’ll keep my progress posted here.

I have a fear of completion.

Even the delight that I felt with the nomination – there is an almost equal feeling of apprehension.

I’m not used to being good at things. I played lots of sports in school – but none long enough to even make it to the team picture. I started college 3 times. Before the position I hold currently I bounced from job to job. There are 3 books on my bookshelf currently that I have read up to the last 2 chapters & then stopped. How ridiculous is that?

I can’t get too good at something. People will start having expectations of me & well I can’t have that. If I allow that to happen, a whole new window of opportunity for disappointment opens up nice and wide. [insert fear here].

I’m working on it; I’ve been working on it for the last 43 days & I’m very sure that I’ve never felt better about where I am presently.

I am a firm believer in karma.

Karma is real. Choose to believe in it or not, but I am confident that everyone, everywhere at some point will believe in Karma. That’s all I’ll say about that.

If you got this far, and you’re still reading – you’re in luck. I have some additional mind stimulation for you.

I get the pleasure of nominating fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award & I sincerely hope you check them out and see if they speak to you like they have spoken to me. Some funny – some serious…all equally deserving.

Katie is a lovely lady who blogs as Sass & Balderdash. I always look forward to her witty takes on everyday life. She is actually the very first blog I started following & got the ball rolling – for that, I thank her.

Tosh, the author of The Other Fork In The Road is blogging her journey. When I say “journey” – think big. She quit her job & moved to Finland. She is a fellow wisconsin-ite & her adventure that she’s currently on & sharing is amazing. Check it out!

Kimberly Breuer’s blog is called, Socks Are For Your Feet, Silly. I knew I’d be a fan as soon as I read her tagline of, “i whine (a lot) and i wine (a lot). The number of laughs this girl has provided me with alone makes her deserving of this nomination.

One of my favorite (mostly) fiction bloggers is Vic Briggs. She posts a lot of creative pieces that stand out to me & I certainly feel she is worthy of this nomination.

Mary who creates Outmanned writes about her life as the lone female in her house of sons, husband & 4 legged friends of the male gender, also. Her posts are extremely well written & always put a smile on my face.

Omawarisan over at Blurt is very clever & his writing is different – in the best way. He doesn’t have one thing in particular he blurts about – The randomness – yet all still tied together with his creative style is what keeps me reading.

Abby who writes and creates at Abby Has Issues has been a blogger I have really looked up to since starting my own journey. She gave me some pretty stellar advice once. She said, “There’s enough of the same formulaic stuff out there. Be you. Someone will like it. I love her writing style and she’s hilarious.

Lame Adventures Woman shares all her Lame Adventures of living and working in New York. Her writing is wonderful entertainment and these adventures she shares are humorous & creatively penned. Her posts always brighten my day.

An interesting fellow named Douglas blogs at Corned Beef Hashtag. This gentleman has walked many different paths in life and I admire his story and where has found himself in the present. His writing and story telling is intriguingly original.

Cristian Mihai‘s self titled blog never ever disappoints me. His writing is exceptional in a way I have not found anywhere else. Not only is his writing exceptional – his posts are thought provoking & inspirational. I never skip a word he writes – because of the careful way he puts his words together, every single words seems just as important as the last.

I’m humbled to have been nominated & candidly thank you for reading. 

12 thoughts on “Confusion, Delight & Piece Of Mind

      1. No, thank you! I am always excited to see a notification from you, and I can’t express how surprised I was to see this one. I appreciate the recognition! You deserve all of it—plus some—back!


  1. I can’t thank you enough for the extremely generous tribute. Without sounding sappy, the best part was when you called me your friend! 🙂 I know I’ve said it before, but I just want to remind you how grateful I am that we found each other. When I first came to your blog, I was honestly intimidated. I admired the creative genius behind your work and felt unworthy of following you. Though, I’m glad I took a chance and commented on your post. Not only have you been a tremendous support, but you’ve been an inspiration as well. Let me get something clear though. I can’t imagine your nomination would be unexpected. The pieces you write are both wildly entertaining and enlightening. I figured you had several awards, though you were just too modest to showcase them. Though, I’m extremely glad I had the honor of nominating you because it gave me a chance to commend you on your talent and your authentic character.
    I really enjoyed learning even more about you. Your talent of mouth-catching is not something to take lightly! I’ve always admired those who have the coordination and foresight to trap airborne food. I could really use some pointers because my attempts usually result in a piece of popcorn in my eye or a cheese puff down my shirt.
    I’m also thrilled at your announcement of your novel! I have no doubt that it will be a hit, and though I’ll always be here for the support, I want to tell you right now to never, ever give up on yourself. You don’t give yourself nearly the amount of credit you deserve. Also, this this is the perfect place to announce your undertaking, as there are so many people to support and encourage you! I know if I would’ve started blogging two years ago when I first started my book, I would be in a different (most likely, better) place than I am now. I understand how hard it is to come forward with this news. Though, you have no idea how many people are thrilled that you’ve shared it!
    Absolutely wonderful post!


    1. Oh, Adelie…At the risk of sounding sappy, when I refer to you in conversation with my husband I call you my “BBFF” – blogging bff & he knows who I’m talking about. The feeling is mutual – I think it’s safe to say we’re friends. 🙂
      You’re so sweet, and your support and encouraging words are a large reason why my fear of completion has not caught up with me & this blog.
      The nomination was indeed unexpected. I still consider myself a ‘newbie’ & don’t expect people to give my randomness a second glance. I still feel like I have a lot to prove.
      I had no idea that we started our blogs at the same time until I read your acceptance post. We actually wrote our first posts less than a week apart. I think we were supposed to cross each other’s paths; just like Karma – everything happens for a reason. I’m so grateful for your support and friendship.

      PS…When you throw the snack up in the air – give it a good toss. The higher it goes, the more time you have to focus on lining yourself up properly.


      1. I never realized our blogs were nearly the same age! Yours just seems so much further along than mine, given you have considerably more content and it all just seems to fit together so perfectly.There’s certainly nothing left to prove, your talent and passion is very evident! I’m a firm believer in Karma as well, so this is all beginning to make more and more sense! The BBFF is a great term… I just might use it, if you don’t mind! 😀 A well-needed replacement for me always saying “So my blogging girlfriend from Wisconsin…” Much simpler and more fitting! I’m really glad to hear that I’ve been able to return at least part of the support and motivation you’ve given me as well!
        AND thanks for the tossing tip! I couldn’t test it tonight with my pizza, but maybe in the morning, I’ll use my cereal as ammunition! 😛



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