I Always Thought I Was Just Modest

If there are people out there who are confident in the vast majority of what they attempt – are those the ones we all call arrogant? Can someone refuse recognition & still be confident or is that a tell-tale sign?

So many questions…

The daily prompt today is to pen something that reflects whether I spew confidence or if I am affected by a “psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalize their accomplishments called, Impostor Syndrome”.

I always thought I was just modest.  

Excuses are something I’m good at making. I am very capable of internalizing my excuse making abilities as an actual accomplishment at times; so, maybe I don’t have Impostor Syndrome after all.

See what I did there?

I’m uncertain that I suffer from this, Impostor Syndrome, but I am quite certain indeed, that excuses can be sneaky little things. It’s the “yeah…but…” excuse that I choose to utilize most when someone feels the need to grace me with some nice words.

Yeah…But…It’s not that hard.”

I will accept a compliment in my head, even appreciate it – but I quickly let the deliverer know that it wasn’t necessary to point out. It’s absolutely possible to be confident in yourself while rejecting the words of others. The ability to vocalize my accomplishments is not strength of mine – but that doesn’t make me an unconfident individual.

Quite possibly, I am more dismissive of the delivery of nice words than I am of the actual words themselves.

After talking this out (with myself…), I’ve made the determination that I will not self diagnose myself with, Impostor Syndrome. I’m not sure that my way of accepting and dismissing recognition has a name, or how many other people like me there are.

But, I’m okay with it.

12 thoughts on “I Always Thought I Was Just Modest

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  2. What an interesting post, and I can tell by some of our conversations that you tend to dismiss when you are complimented. I find myself doing the same thing because I feel like if I really let the compliment soak in, I’m arrogant in some way. I wish I could find the actual quote, but I actually read something once that said (and I’m paraphrasing): When you quickly dismiss a compliment someone is giving you, it is similar to rejecting a gift they picked out especially for you.” Like I said, I probably slaughtered that quote, but that was the general idea, and I think it’s something to consider. Great post, and you’re a wonderfully talented writer! Don’t you dare deflect that! 😛



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