Seriously, STFU : Dear Fatty Edition

There’s a picture and “story” being passed around Facebook right now that’s labeled, This Was Unexpectedly Awesome – Facebook Message…” 

Below is the picture & the additional thoughts that were attached when I viewed it. 


It says, “When people are worse than you at what you do, don’t judge them for it”. Am I reading something wrong? This entire thing is one big massive judge-fest.

I’ll keep this short because this could cause some serious ongoing rambling if I don’t keep it under wraps.

Since when is it okay to insult and degrade someone as long as at the end, you notify them that you respect them? Whoever wrote this apparently needs to look up the definition of respect.

I find it disturbing that people actually think this is awesome. 

Lets go over this briefly…

  • The way she runs is insulted more than once.
  • The extra weight she is carrying with her is absolutely notated several times.
  • She’s even hypothetically insulted when she’s told that ‘if there were bleachers on both sides – she’d most surely take another break.’
  • It goes on to say, “Each lap you run, you’re paying off the debt of another midnight snack.” What a stereotypical statement to make. I bet this girl doesn’t even eat midnight snacks…not all overweight people sit and indulge in snacks in the middle of the night.

There’s more I want to single out – but I did say I would keep this short. 

Why is it “awesome” to publicly shame another person as long as you’re “cheering them on”?

Seriously, STFU.


5 thoughts on “Seriously, STFU : Dear Fatty Edition

  1. Wow, I completely agree. Isn’t that ridiculous, though. It’s almost as if he writer is trying to make that woman seem as despicable and hopeless as possible and then turns it around to make a point like, “Look at me. Despite how disgusting this woman is, as I’ve pointed out in vivid detail, I respect her, which makes me a saintly, altruistic being. Look how nice I am that I decided to respect her…”
    Whew, now I’m getting fired up about it. Plain and simple, if the person really respected her, he/she would have left out the insults and simply commended her. I’m glad you had the guts to address this! I haven’t been on face book much lately to see this, so thanks for sharing.


    1. It’s easy to get worked up about – that’s why I am so surprised that I saw so many people I know (not just strangers) showing it off as this almost heroic action…I was disgusted the second I read the title. I feel like people are so quick to commend actions that should just be normal and take it to the extreme. Why is it that it’s even “shareable” that this person wrote an open letter. Why doesn’t that person just walk up to them and say “Hey…nice work. You’re really inspiring.” Why does it need to be on a public forum? It’s pretty hypocritical – looking for your own recognition while pointing out someone accomplishment?

      But…I suppose…It takes all kinds to make the world go around.




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