I Quit (These Burdens)

I’m not blogging anymore. It’s been a week since I really sat down to write anything; the longest I’ve gone since I started sharing my randomness. I’ve hardly even logged in to view other people’s writings or show any sort of interest in the process at all. I should really just set the virtual pen down and move on with my life.

I am so irrational.

I’m a habitual quitter. I wish I knew how to flip the switch that urges me to quit; I do not want to quit – but here I have this Negative Nancy chirping in my ear (N.N. is a bitchy bird) telling me – just be done. I’ve had a completely logical reason for not writing or reading; I should not feel guilty or sorry. Sometimes, when you feel like you’re going to toss cookies for a week straight – sleep is just more important.

Irrationality #327 : Stop doing what you love, because you were sick for a week.

But, that’s not all…

Additionally, I’ve been avoiding WordPress like the plague since I started feeling better Sunday night.

Why? I just want to know why…

I know deep down that I’ve found something that I truly enjoy and that’s precisely the reason I am sitting here writing currently. There were many hobbies started over the years that did not survive the irrational thoughts.

I can literally feel the burden lifting as each word gets added.  I let burdens weigh me down when the solution to lifting them is more often than not, effortless.

Old habits die hard, but I’m over these burdens.  I’m over quitting.  I’m over being irrational.

Back at it…

12 thoughts on “I Quit (These Burdens)

    1. Ya know…I’m a little disappointed I didn’t think of that myself. How unproperly ridiculous it would be to quit. I think I may stop at the hobby store on my way home from work – a sling shot is a stellar idea. Even if I don’t stop at the store – I’ll keep my hypothetical sling shot handy.


  1. Keep at it! There have been so many days where I just don’t have anything to say, but it keeps me looking for the small things in life.
    (I’m really just being selfish and don’t want you to quit, but it sounded good, right?!)

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  2. Oh God, Jen! This explains so much. See, I’ve been experiencing the same exact scenario. Last weekend, once Friday hit, I couldn’t bring myself to look at WordPress until Monday. Which is crazy because I love blogging and I love the people here. I’m sure it was a mix of things, but it led me to feeling completely overwhelmed and like I’m doomed to fail any day now! But I felt selfish too because I knew there were people’s posts I wanted to be reading (yours), and I felt like I was being a bad follower. I thought you might find a new BBFF. 😦
    Now I get it- this thing must be contagious. If I’m the one who gave it to you, I sincerely apologize. I’m still trying to pull out of it, so I’m unaware of any vaccine. If you come across one, please let me know. Though, given that you’ve written more posts since this, it appears you’re recovering much quicker! I’m so sorry that It’s taken me so long to catch up on your writing.
    I don’t get this though. I’m assuming you have been having beautiful weather this week, as we are in Michigan. Now that the snow is melted, shouldn’t we be feeling better?
    Thanks for writing this- I don’t feel so alone now. I’m glad you never quit, and you pulled yourself out of this funk. If you would’ve gone a few more days without posting, I would’ve had to swim across Lake Michigan to kick you in the tushie. Whew, and that water is COLD this time of year. So thanks for saving me the trip.

    *I’m also severely out-of-shape, so it would’ve been a suicide mission. But it would be well worth it. I send my love!


    1. Quitting is just not an option I’ve decided. I enjoy writing, being part of this awesome blogging community, reading other peoples (yours) randomness, insight & rants way to much.

      It’s that fear of completion I wrote about a few weeks ago – it all goes hand in hand. I had an epiphany yesterday & maybe it can refresh you a little also :

      A blog is never finished. There are no rules because it is yours. If you don’t write for a week… you can pick up right where you left off.

      That may be common sense for some – I call it an epiphany…(I don’t have a lot of exciting things go on in my daily life, obviously).

      I told my husband that I specifically felt bad about not logging on to see what you’d come up with – because… I mean, we are BBFF. What kind of BBFF am I if I am avoiding the entire platform our friendship is based on? Gosh… She probably hates me now. (I didn’t actually think that – it just sounded good at the end).

      Speaking of the weather – you’re absolutely right. We need to be taking advantage of it. No more burdens! Only sunshine and air that doesn’t hurt our faces.

      April 14th – “Finding Your Flow” probably couldn’t have come at a better time for us. Can’t wait!


      1. Thanks for sharing your epiphany! I did find it enlightening because I never really considered how a blog is never finished. I suppose thinking of it that way makes it less overwhelming, so I’ll fame it in my mind that way next time I feel discouraged.
        I do hope you’re having some nice weather there today. I have my windows at work open or the first time this year! Woohoo!
        I keep thinking about “Finding Your Flow” as well. These things tend to come along when we most need them!


      2. The weather here was pretty amazing all week, but it’s going to rain all day tomorrow – which for me, is quite alright. I won’t have that summertime guilt when all I really want to do is sit around in my pajamas. Bring on the Saturday rain!

        Just got my e-mail from Oprah (not really…but, kinda) reminding me about it today! Eek!



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