I Have A Bitch Face

In group settings where I’m surrounded by people who don’t know me, I have to be careful. I try to be conscious of my body language so it does not accessorize my non-smiling face – making me 100% unapproachable.

Uncross your arms, Jen… 

I wouldn’t say I have trouble making friends or anything, but I have a “Bitch Face” – and it makes it a little more tough.


“You should really smile more.”

I do – when there’s reason to. I mean, it’s just not normal to go around smiling all the god damn time. That’d be creepy.

I think this “Bitch Face” is the same thing Kristen Stewart suffers from.


It’s not easy…we were born this way.

My observing gets confused with judging; from afar my listening may appear as discontent. I really am a happy, nice person – I have a lot of kindness all up in me. Unfortunately you’ll either have to hold a conversation with me, or catch me after a Viking’s win to realize it.

The same questions get asked & the same answer is typically given.

No – I am not mad.

Yes – Everything is okay.

No – Nothing is bothering me. 

Yes – I’m sure.

“I thought you were such a bitch before…”

If I had a dollar for every time………………………………. you know.

26 thoughts on “I Have A Bitch Face

      1. I will see that ‘sorry’, and raise you an ‘enjoy-michael-vick’.

        [insert your (lack of) Vikings quarterback line here]

        Yeah Yeah… Skol Vikings, anyway…I guess.

        There should be an emoticon for “bitch face”.


  1. This made me smile – so sorry to hear of your condition. I will try to understand and be openly friendly to those with bitch-face despite (misplaced) fear of possible judgement and rejection ….


  2. See, with your beautiful, smiling profile pic, I would’ve never guessed you were a fellow sufferer of Bitchy Resting Face. Sometimes I find myself absurdly overcompensating with cheesy grins and forced laughs. Makes me sick. 😀 😀 😀



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