Who Donated Money To Shanesha Taylor?

There is a buzz going around about a mother in Arizona who left her 2 small children in her vehicle while she attended a job interview…for an hour.

The children were 2 years little & 6 months little.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about & you’d like to get caught up to speed you can read this.

Her mugshot got released & there are tears streaming down her face; as you can imagine, she looks pretty darn sad.

I’ll admit it. Before I knew some of the details, I also felt that little, “Weeellll….She is homeless. She really needed the job” feeling.

I’m human.

The lady in New Jersey who started some sort of online fund for her apparently felt super-duper-out-of-this-world bad for her.

Unfortunatly Apparently she was not alone seeing as more than $90,000 was donated.

Dear People [who donated money to this woman],

Seeing as you have extra money to give, I would like to provide you with a few better obvious other options.

I will make the process familiar & very simple.

If you are feeling so inclined to donate, just go right ahead and click on the charity of your choosing.

Thank you for your consideration,


The keys were left in the vehicle, but I’m not sure why.

Logically and most obviously : to have the air conditioner running.

Nope, but she did have the decency to leave the windows open about an inch. I looked it up; It was 83 degrees in Scottsdale, Arizona on March 20th. The 6 month old baby was dressed in a t-shirt, layered over a long sleeve shirt & had a blanket on.

I’m not saying I would have condoned her immense stupidity, I do however feel confident saying I wouldn’t hate her (as much) if she attempted to do more than crack the windows.

I put myself in her shoes to the best of my ability. I sympathize with her sad situation. Even if her intentions were good, nothing I came up with justifies her actions.

It’s child abuse. Period.

On the chance that it’s literally impossible for you to find appropriate care for your children & missing a job interview is just not an option (because you’re a good mother and have the motivation to provide) … you trot those kids in there with you.

It’d be risky… It certainly has potential to be frowned upon.

With that being said…

I am willing to guarantee it is less frowned upon than leaving your kids (babies) in a hot vehicle unattended for an hour.

I would not be upset about $90,000 being donated to a homeless woman who brought her children to a job interview. 

6 thoughts on “Who Donated Money To Shanesha Taylor?

    1. I just want to know if the people who managed to raise $90,000 are that quick to donate to other organizations. Why that? Everyone is so sad for the tear ridden mother – who protects the kids? Very frustrating, indeed.


    1. Right on. I should have included my personal donation site to that list. Hell, I’ve done my fair share of stupid things (not leave-my-kid-in-the-car kinda stupid…but stupid, still) – if that’s what people choose to support. Next time I’ll keep us (I’ll give you a heads up & see where you’d like the deposits made) in mind & plug for some personal donations.



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