When Is The Last Time You Thought About Mrs. Doubtfire?

I bet it has been a fairly significant amount of time.

No, I’m not a closet Mrs. Doubtfire fan. What happened was, I scrolling through my Facebook news-feed and noticed this:

UntitledImmediately, these are my thoughts…

Wow, Robin Williams is old…

I like his glasses…

Wait…24 years?

That can’t be right….

Weellll, I am going to be 30 this year…

That could be right. I better check…

(Yeah, I did have to use the calculator to figure out 2014 minus 1993…in case you were wondering)

Whew… It hasn’t been 24 years.

It’s been 21…………….

Ugh, That’s still a really long time.

Not really any better… I’m still going to be 30 this year. 

ANYWAY… apparently a sequel could be in the works…

Not sure how that would work seeing how the cat’s already outta the bag… Can they really do that again?

The real question is, Why do I care? 

All I know is that I feel old.

11 thoughts on “When Is The Last Time You Thought About Mrs. Doubtfire?

  1. Haha funny you should mention this because it was just the other day that I was trying to convince people that the little boy from Mrs. Doubtfire turned out to be a totally hottie!
    They were like ‘i don’t even remember the boy’. Fools


  2. Whew, hearing about that makes me feel old too. For some reason, whenever someone says “ten years ago” I always think 1990. I love that movie though, watched it a few months back! It sure would be interesting to see Williams strapping on the heels again, though I have a feeling he might not be kicking soccer balls and jumping on couches this round. Thanks for sharing the (hopefully true) news!


    1. You’re SO right…10 years ago it was 1990…10 years ago will always be 1990.
      I just want to know the plot of a sequel & I’m being irrationally impatient with this because I can’t think of a single reason why He would need to dress as a woman again.
      The only reason he did it the first time was because his Ex was not allowing him to see his kids. (When I describe it that way, doesn’t it seem more like a dark drama rather than a comedy? Haha).


      1. Potential for a dark drama, indeed! Honestly, if it had been anyone besides Williams playing that part, it probably would have been a creepy stalker film! Your guess is as good as mine, concerning a future plot. I remember at the end of the movie, he was doing a television show…. But now I think about it, I can’t think of a logical plot that wouldn’t make him look slightly psychotic! Oooh, maybe it’s switching genres?


      1. I saw him on vacation in Hawaii, he was arguing with a security guard at a state park. He was SUPER hairy. I’m not even kidding, I was like “Wow, Robin Williams! wow, he is super hairy.”


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