friday fictioneers
Photo Credit: Bjorn Rudbergs

I noticed him walk in. He looked nervous, his eyes shifting from one corner of the room to the other. Delicately, I approached him.

“I’m looking for someone, his name is Morris Kane; I believe he’s a regular?”

I felt my eyes light up, Morris has been coming here for years – longer than I’ve been employed here. “You’re in luck – He’s actually in the lounge.”

His gaze softened and the emotion in his eyes deepened.

As we entered the lounge our presence interrupted Morris’ beautiful strumming and they locked eyes.


I looked up and saw a single tear slide down his cheek.

This was written in response to: Friday Fictioneers.

The goal of Friday Fictioneers is to challenge yourself to write a 100 word story that is influenced by a single photo. If you’d like to learn more and/or participate, click here

I would like to thank Adelie who introduced me to Friday Fictioneers & her own contributions are very much worth a look.

39 thoughts on “Homecoming

  1. Ahhhh! I’m so glad you joined me in the Fictioneers! Sorry for taking so long to jump back into the blogging world and read this. You did a magnificent job painting the scene with your description of the characters’ expressions. I noticed a lot of it has to do with the eyes! Whether that was intentional or not, I love it, as I also believe that the eyes are the most telling feature of the face. It had an absolutely beautiful ending, and it just played out like the scene of a movie. Seriously, fantastic work. I hope you enjoyed it and decide to stay because I love having my bbff with me in the fictioneer world! And thank you so very much for mentioning me 🙂 You’re absolutely too kind. Reading your story was the highlight of my day!!!


    1. I actually did not even notice the multiple eye references – but I’m happy you did! I think overall that’s what tied it all up. Thank you so much for your support & kindness. I was very much looking forward to your opinion on this piece! I think you mentioned on one of your first FF entries that having the word limit makes the jump into fiction a little less intimidating & I could not agree more. Did you see that the Daily Prompt Writing Challenge this week is Flash Fiction!? Pretty stoked!


      1. Ah, yes! I saw that challenge prompt, but I have yet to do anything with it! For some reason I’m having trouble finding inspiration, as I want to take a new departure from my previous pieces. With a 300 word limit, there’s more possibility, right? I’m excited to see what you come up with. 🙂 Yesterday when I came home from work, the hubs asked why I was so happy. I said it’s because my bbff is now with me in the fictioneers! Makes me so happy!!!


      2. I agree, the 300 word limit is exciting – much more room to play around with.. I have not started yet either – I think with fiction I need to find the right kind of inspiration. The photo prompt for this one in particular took me a while…and I’ve looked at a few different sites that offer prompts and photos for inspiration but have not found anything yet that really speaks to me… But I’m sure you’re familiar with that feeling of the spark when you know you’ve found it! It’ll happen…and we will write our little stories and then tell each other how wonderful we are.
        I do want to try and get the weekly challenge flash fiction up before I dig into the next Friday Fictioneers – so I plan to search pretty intently for that inspiration today/this evening.

        PS…Tell your Hubs that I said, “You’re Welcome” for the pleasant mood 🙂


      3. Hey there! 😀 I just thought I’d let you know that I finally found my inspiration and posted my story. I finally found the idea when I stopped “thinking” about it, and went with my feelings. Today, there had been a song echoing in the background of my mind, and at lunch, I decided to plug my earbuds into my phone and just write about whatever came out when I listened to that song. I figured I’d share this with you, incase you’re still looking for a muse….Hey, what about that Shaggy song ? 😛



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