Seriously, STFU : Botched Execution Edition

There was this execution in Oklahoma last week… If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can get all caught up here.

Mr. Clayton Lockett was put on a table to die because he raped and murdered someone.

Something went wrong with the the procedure (is that what it’s called?) & He ended up dying of a heart attack 45 minutes after the drugs were administered.

I don’t care where the error lies. I don’t care if he suffered. I don’t care what makes it cross the line making it “inhumane”…

HE BURIED SOMEONE ALIVE. Let’s talk about inhumane. 

Anyone who is concerned about the way Mr. Lockett’s life ended…


7 thoughts on “Seriously, STFU : Botched Execution Edition

    1. I totally agree. Why are people so worried about these people who stole the life of something (physically or emotionally)… and their rights? Their rights should be gone the second they are convicted.


  1. I was thinking about following your blog and came upon this post. Then I couldn’t push the follow button fast enough! Thank you for saying what most people don’t have the courage to say.



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