Minnesota Vikings 2014-2015 Season – Let’s Keep The Glass Half Full

I have lots of good feelings coming into the 2014 football season; as a Minnesota Vikings fan, while I say that lightly – optimism is important.
The Vikings ditched Head Coach Leslie Frazier and brought on Mike Zimmer – that alone makes me have warm fuzziness. Anyone know anything specific about Mr. Zimmer? If not, all you need to know is that He’s a defensive guru with a knack for taking some of the best quarterbacks out of the game through scheme and game-plan, something that will be a necessity in a division like the NFC North.
Offensively speaking, we got rid of offensive coordinator, Bill Musgrave & his awful Run-Run-Pass offense, in turn welcoming Norv Turner. According to NBC Sports, “Wide receiver, Greg Jennings said that there are so many things in the new scheme that the variations on a single play in Turner’s offense are almost as diverse as last year’s entire playbook.” I think what Greg’s saying is we will see Mr. Turner with a larger play card than the embarrassing one Mr. Musgrave used to waltz around with. 
That’s good news, folks. Look at all these stellar moves we’re making! 
9 of out the 10 rookies drafted have been signed, the exception being Jerick McKinnon. The Vikings invested the earlier of their two first round picks on linebacker, Anthony Barr who they hope will have fans saying, “Jared Who?”. I’ve watched my fair share of highlight videos of our newbies & while you never really know how a college player will stack up in the NFL – I have high hopes. 
With all of these changes, I am realistic and realize there could be some growing pains. Regardless, I will rock my purple proudly & hope for the best.

Skol Vikings!

9 thoughts on “Minnesota Vikings 2014-2015 Season – Let’s Keep The Glass Half Full

  1. Yeah! Vikings!! !! !! !!
    I’ll need to remind my dad of the optimism thing, he’s in a perpetual state of anger when it comes to the Minnesota Vikings.
    But we’ll be in our purple too, with high hopes once again 🙂
    Skol !!


  2. I love your optimism, and you’re completely correct in that it IS important! Too often I hear pessimism surrounding these things, as if people are too scared to get excited. But you know what you’re talking about here, and sometimes it’s not so bad to clean house! Very entertaining and informative! 🙂


    1. Wishy Washy Fanship is a large pet peeve of mine. Stay positive & hope for the best is the way to go. Vikings fans are SO quick to ‘boo’ ‘their’ team the second things start to slip…& it’s obnoxious.
      Rant Over.



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