Just A Quick Update

Life took over for a bit; I have not been able to give my writing 100% and I’ve been having issues finding time to log into WordPress as much as I’d like. In addition to not spending time on my own blog, I have lots of blogs to catch up on!

I’m working on a developing a writing calendar & quite a few drafts are started – I’m really looking forward to posting on a regular basis again very soon. If anyone has any pointers or tips regarding a writing schedule/calendar, I am always looking for good advice!

That’s all for now…

Check back later for some Hump Day Humor!

4 thoughts on “Just A Quick Update

  1. I feel like this right now too. Overwhelmed with life in general.

    I did find that planning out (rough ideas, they can always change) of what I want to write for the blog for the month really helped me stay on track and i was a lot more focused. Of course, I still procrastinated though….haven’t figured out how to get rid of that one.

    Looking forward to more of your posts!!


  2. Hah, if it makes you feel better, I’m finally popping my head out of the sand to catch up here. I deeply apologize if I was part of the drama that was bogging you down! Being that we have this delightfully motivating friendship, now that I’m in the process of pulling myself together here, you better believe we’re doing this together. I don’t tell you enough how much I admire your ability to take on so much, in all areas of your life, and still manage to maintain your sanity, talent, and perseverance. You’re like the new and improved Wonder Woman! 🙂 Keep up the awesome accomplishments and don’t forget to take some time for yourself!



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