See ya later, Ray Rice.

Ray Rice is a terrible person…and if you don’t agree with me, watch this video. (As if you haven’t already…)

Gosh, I’d love some audio to go with that. I can’t help but wonder what he was saying to her & cringe.


When this scuffle went down Janay Palmer was engaged to Ray Rice & has since married him; Smart Girl. The most romantic little aspect of the wedding was that it happened one day after Rice was indicted by a grand jury on third-degree aggravated assault.

How Dreamy…


In all reality – what did people expect to see when this video flooded our news-feeds? Did we think he shoved her? Did we think he slapped her? No… she was knocked out; we don’t need to see this video to know the caliber of the situation in that elevator at the Atlantic casino.


If anyone actually believes that this video was not seen by NFL Staff before today, they need to wake up & smell the way of the business. The video became public & they realized… People are mad. Ray Rice was let go by the Baltimore Ravens this afternoon and news came quickly after, that Roger Goodell has indefinitely suspended Ray Rice from the NFL.

bye bye

Thank goodness for that video…because the reasoning behind a man dragging a woman’s unconscious body out of an elevator – surely needed explanation.

“See ya later, NFL Career.” Said, Ray Rice.

Disclaimer: I made up that last quote.

Written For: Onside Chick – NFL News Written For Women By Women!

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