Seriously STFU: Co-Sleeping

My bed is a place I go at the end of the day… after I’ve been dealing with my child allllll day. It’s where I can watch my trashy reality TV. It’s where I can “snuggle” with my husband. It’s where I can drift off and not worry about suffocating a child – which if you ask me, are all very good reasons to not Co-Sleep.

Most importantly… ITS MY BED. 




If we want to get all statistical…I mean, all ya gotta do is Google “Co-Sleeping Statistics” 4 out of the 5 options available before scrolling talk about how risky it is. Yes, I know…there are “safe ways” to co-sleep- that’s great… I still think your kid should have his or her own bed. 

There has been clear documented statistics that show co-sleeping increases the risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome [SIDS| and yet… more and more people are doing it.


I get it… as much as that little girl does.

I’d hate to come across as ignorant, so I decided to educate myself. Before I visited a few different “Natural Parenting” sites, I considered that I may need to rethink this post up to this point – if the reason are good.



I still think it’s ridiculous.

I found a lot of the same reasons on multiple websites – but The Alpha Parent provided a nice picture chart that was easy for me to voice my opinions with.

Reasons People Co-Sleep (& Why I Don’t)


All 8 years of my son’s life I have worked a full time job. He has never slept in my bed overnight. Ever. We snuggle on the couch while we’re reading books. We snuggle on the bed while we watch TV. Sometimes, we’ll take a nap together and snuggle…… which is always such a cute thought…until his foot is ramming into my rib & then I remember why the hello I do not co-sleep. We are bonded…just fine.

Happy BedTimes

What parent tells their child, go to your room! at bedtime? Is that what co-sleeping parents think of non-co-sleeping parents? I tuck my child in…every night. Kiss his forehead – tell him to have sweet dreams. Bedtime has never been an issue. We have plenty of happy bedtimes, minus the co-sleeping.


It’s free? I wasn’t expecting to see this on the list… Last I checked – kids cost money. Save money with some coupons or something…Maybe there’s a deal on a video baby monitor somewhere.

Temperature Regulation

So, we are worried about cot death – but not suffocation & SIDS? We already went over this. Co-Sleeping increases the risk of SIDS. I also know that it’s not recommended to have blankets in your child’s crib. Problem solved.


Contrary to popular belief…? This makes me laugh. I have heard this “co-sleeping-creates-independent-people” craziness before – and is large reason I think co-sleeping is ridiculous. I do not care how many people try to preach that – I will never stop thinking it’s ridiculous.


Totally teaches and implements independence.

…………………..I get it now.


 Seriously, STFU.

You might not agree with me, and that’s alright – I’ll only judge you a little bit. It’s your kid. If you want to co-sleep, by all means…co-sleep away.

My child will be in his own bed…just as he has been since the day I brought him home to hang out.

4 thoughts on “Seriously STFU: Co-Sleeping

  1. Highly doubt co- sleeping has anything to do with a child growing up independent…you create a childs behavior and personality in some ways other than what he/her already has on his /her own.than again…dont think seeing your child as an individual just “hanging out”is also a “parenting oneoone” material when you’re bashing other peoples way of doing their parent…thing…habits…ways of raising their child.ti’s just my opinion just like the blog is clearly just “your”opinion.


    1. I agree, I do not think co-sleeping solely determines if your child grows up independent or not. My intention was not to “bash” people’s way of raising their child.
      You are certainly entitled to your opinion – but I’m not clear on what you are saying in regards to my own parenting.


  2. I don’t usually share this with people, but I slept in my mom’s bed with her until I was like 11. I know, incredibly strange and embarrassing, but I’m pretty sure the house I grew up in was haunted because every time I tried to sleep in my own room, I saw something and freaked out. Although I don’t really belive co-sleeping has anything to do with development. Granted, I learned how to push my mom over to stop her snoring and was able to watch every sitcom ever made due to my insomnia, but now that I’m older, I think sleeping in her bed all those years has made me sort of co-dependent. Maybe for some people it works, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.

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