Hump Day Humor #14

In case you were unaware – Today is Arnold Palmer’s 85th birthday. I’m not much of a golf fan – but I do love lemonade & ice tea mixed together – so thank you for that, Mr. Palmer. 

In honor – I’ve decided to wish him a Happy Birthday with some golf humor for this edition of Hump Day Humor.


 “Oh hey…Congrats!…………..juuust kidding – I’ll wait.”


This guy is an idiot. Everyone knows you need to check behind you before you swing a golf club…Just because the ball is soft the club is still real…and that girl can tell ya all about it.


 Everyone has there own style – if it works for him…good.


 What are the odds, really?


 I have no idea what’s going on here – but they will never let that guy live that down – and rightfully so.


Every golfing group should have a well versed golf cart driver to take over when things get outta control… I hear a few of them work for the NFL.


 As if he wasn’t already embarrassed enough by his initial terrible shot…

Thats a trophy

It’s a trophy you sickos – she’s obviously very good.


 Happy Birthday, Arnold Palmer.

arnold palmer

One thought on “Hump Day Humor #14

  1. There is nothing better than the denied handshake. So terribly awkward for the handshaker, and the handshakee is so oblivious. Kind of like when I was in high school being the kid that had the crush and the girl being blissfully unaware.



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