Let’s All Call Out People Who Litter.

I’m not sure if this new viral video of a lady on a motorbike throwing garbage back at litterers is real, or if it’s staged – either way…I encourage everyone to do it.

Record yourself doing it…or don’t. Call it an act of kindness [for the environment]. If you do video it… please e-mail it to me.

Seriously…WHO LITTERS? 

People who throws their garbage on the ground – are pieces of trash (hardy har har)

But, really…complete idiots with no regard for anything other than their trashy-selves need to be called out.


Quick Story: I was in 6th grade, walking with my best friend (also named, Jen) down the street. It was fall & kinda chilly – if you were wondering. Anyway, our dumb kid selves threw a pop can down the sewer drain. A man screamed out to us, “HEY….THIS IS MY EARTH, TOO!” 

At the time… we laughed. Now, I seriously applaud that guy.


Do it. Call them out. Throw it back at them…if you’re not feeling so brave just scream out:


…Even if they don’t take it seriously – they’ll remember it was said.

I’d like to meet the person who defends it not using the plethora of trashcans everywhere. I think I’d enjoy having a conversation – or maybe a well rounded debate on the topic.

via: uberhumor.com
via: uberhumor.com

Anyway… Don’t litter. That’s all.

PS: I’m also talking to smokers who litter.

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