Adrian Peterson: Barred From All Viking Team Activities

I do not think Adrian Peterson is a child abuser & my opinion remains the same.

I woke up this morning and found out that the Minnesota Viking’s have banned Adrian Peterson from participating in any and all team activities & placed him on the exempt list while his legal woes are worked out.

This, coming after Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton released a statement calling Adrian Peterson’s actions, “a public embarrassment” to the Vikings and the state of Minnesota. I have to imagine Mr. Dayton is pretty upset over all of this considering the amount of money his state has invested in the new stadium – this can’t look good.

I’m so tired of the public jury, sponsors & ignorant people… playing judge. People continue to base their judgment on the shock value of one act of conduct. People so rapidly want to throw Adrian Peterson to the wolves & call him a child abuser – the public mob is out of control.

In my opinion, intent plays a role. If you believe that Adrian Peterson maliciously punished his child with a switch with the intent of nothing more than to abuse him (making him a child abuser) – that’s ignorant. His intent was to discipline him – and he went overboard. He has been honest & truthful about the event since it happened & agrees that the injury he caused was excessive.

I have never been punished with a switch, nor have I ever used one – but I’d like to meet the person who grew up in Texas who was & a mark was not left. Everyone is so tied up in the marks that were left on this little boy.  All over the place I see comments, “The pictures were FOUR DAYS LATER!!”  Flesh wounds develop over time – scabs form, bruises form… the amount of time that passed before the pictures were snapped don’t make them any more dramatic.

Shock Value – people love it.

For all we know, Adrian Peterson’s kid still views his dad as Superman. Who knows?!? You don’t. I don’t. Public Opinion it just black & white. This issue of phsyical discipline and child abuse in Texas is not black & white.

No one will convince me that Adrian Peterson is a child abuser.

If it is your own personal moral belief that physical discipline is wrong – that’s okay, you’re entitled to that. If Adrian Peterson believes in physical discipline… in Texas, where it is legal – he’s not a monster or a child abuser. He’s a dad who was disciplining his child how he saw fit – and took it too far unintentionally.

The real problem lies with the way the National Football League has been handling these situations. Just yesterday, I listened to Viking’s general manger, Rick Spielman and head coach, Mike Zimmer talk about how Adrian Peterson has a right to play football while the legal process plays out. Suddenly, sponsors start pulling out because of the public opinion & shock value… and suddenly Adrian isn’t allowed to participate in any team activity.

Money, Money, Money.

I took a similar stance regarding Ray Rice. He sat down with coaches & NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell shortly after it happened. He flat out said he punched Janay Rice in the face in that elevator – Goodell handed down a 2 game suspension. What happened after the video came out and there was public outcry?

These athletes are not in the right in their actions but they don’t deserve to be lynched and discarded as monsters by the public court of opinion. I want to know how many people who are calling Adrian Peterson a child abuser have educated themselves on the details behind it all. If you did…guess what? You still don’t know half of it… none of us do. We were not there, we don’t know the situations or actions that led up to anything. It’s not our right to play judge.

5 thoughts on “Adrian Peterson: Barred From All Viking Team Activities

  1. I dunno…
    nope. I know.
    & not buying it….yes, he CAN be judged– Yes, football “leadership” can kick him to the curb on PR reasons; This is football after all- it isn’t about morals or parenting or going against the public. It is all about profit.
    Yes, when someone goes too far in discipline, of his wife or his child, s/he has abused. There are penalties to pay. The line actually does have to be drawn somewhere… and Women who are black and blue from husbands deserve said husband to face the legal system when/if she presses charges. And contracts can be terminated based on a loophole or public outcry. So actually, we CAN judge. And have.
    So, Yes, in pro sports, abusive acts have repercussions beyond the domestic unit. Yes, it all comes down to PR.
    Does it matter if John Q. Public judges these men? Yup. If they buy football tickets or merchandise,etc. they not only get to judge but they get to do it with Moolah. And that my friend IS the bottom line.

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    1. I see your points that you’ve made & appreciate your opinion.

      You’re right – people who spend their money and their fan-ship do have a right to judge… My stance is that it’s getting out of control.
      You are also right – that if someone takes it too far, it is abuse; absolutely. Does taking it too far in a single instance deserve a label of “Child Abuser”, “Monster” or all around “Bad Parent”?

      If I intend to spank my son on the butt with my hand, and he squirms and I connect with his lower back, and it leaves a mark – it appears I went too far…it was unintentional – am I a child abuser? In my opinion, no…I’m not.

      I feel a lot of the comments I have read, the people I have spoken to about the topic, the pod-casts I’ve listened to…are very ignorant. I am from the Midwest – I am very aware that the standards of physical discipline vary greatly from region to region. I’ve never said I condone his behavior, or that he shouldn’t be punished for going overboard.That does not make his actions okay – he will be punished & rightfully so.

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  2. I’m just so sad these things keep happening. It’s just so depressing to me about all the things that are happening that I just can’t listen to talk radio anymore. I want it to be about sports, but these things keep forcing the talk to go that way. I don’t want to hear about abuse anymore, just sports. Can’t we just focus on the games…Sorry just whining in general about it.


    1. You’re totally allowed to whine… It’s obnoxious, indeed. I just wanna be excited about football, too. I wonder what will come out in the news tomorrow? I mean… I’ll stand behind Adrian Peterson til I turn blue – the NFL as a whole? Yeah…. It’s not an easy task currently.


      1. I know right? I’ve had to turn off the sports radio in the mornings and just listen to music lately. I just hope this settles down soon so we can cheer on our beloved Vikings in peace.



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