Social Media & A Childhood Friend

Before social media sloppily exploded over everyone’s computer screen people actually had to attend high school reunions to ask (like, verbally…with their mouths) former friends what they’re doing with their lives.

In this day and age: I can tell you how many children, what they do for income, what they drive, who they’re married to, when their anniversary is…and what they wore to work yesterday (thanks to the selfie).  Social media makes it simple to be involved in people’s lives… even if you’re not an active part of their real life.

It’s kind of weird & unnatural, really.

real ife

Real Life : Noun
  1. life as it is lived in reality, involving unwelcome as well as welcome experiences, as distinct from a fictional world.

You might assume that I’m going to go off on a rant [I do that sometimes…] about social media, like I did here. Today, I’m going to surprise you by doing the opposite of a bitching.

I’m going to praise it.

We all had friends we bonded with as a kid that changed our lives for the better. It’s not hard to come up with memories when you think about these people; while some of your childhood memories might be foggy – the ones that include these people are never unclear & almost always fond. I have someone on my social media that comes to mind as I write this.

What is a friend? I will tell you…it is someone with whom you dare to be yourself. – Frank Crane

We jumped on her trampoline. We sang karaoke to stuffed animals. My mom would drop me off at her house in the morning to catch the bus… and I remember her all ‘sleepy-like’ slouching on the breakfast bar eating her cereal with 5 minutes left to catch the bus… but her mom never rushed her. Her house was always filled with happiness. I remember having sleepovers & waking up way before her…cause she always slept way later than me – I’d flop around hoping to wake her up “secretly” so we could continue the concert we started for the animals before crashing the night before.

[Sidenote: We were best being Ace of Base; she was blonder I always had to be the brunette. Oh, the troubles of a 8 year old girl]


I remember playing in her back yard… pretending there were witches behind trees we were hiding from. I remember her telling me the song that played at her Grandpa’s funeral that made her cry every time she heard it.

I have not seen her since childhood.

It’s absolutely normal for childhood friendships to move in different directions for no good reason other than  just growing up. These are the friendships that make me grateful for Social Media even for how much I complain about it.

I’ve seen bits of sadness in her life over the years & prayed for her. I get to see her little siblings who were nearly just babies when I was frequenting her household – and what awesome people they’ve appeared to turn into. I’ve watched from afar as she got married and had babies. I get to see her adorable little girls growing up with the same loving essence I watched her mom give to her day after day.

My largest hope is that my own child will be lucky enough to have this sort of special friendship in his life as he grows up.

Thanks for the memories, friend.  

amber bakke

This was written in response to a Daily Prompt – provided by The Daily Post. 

4 thoughts on “Social Media & A Childhood Friend

  1. I LOVE this.
    Social media really is unnatural and disconnecting us from face to face relationships. I like that it lets me see what’s going on with my best friends but I like seeing them in person way more.
    The photo of you with your friend is super cute.


  2. I love the fact I don’t have to leave my house and see anyone. Social media rocks. I can’t wait to die and they won’t discover my body for months!! Me and my sixteen cats are fine by ourselves!! Excellent post by the way! And think of all the money you save by not attending your high school reunion! You



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