I’m funny…[I think].

I’ve always basked in my ability to be clever. Watching expressions when I say something a little, or a lot off the wall… you could call it a form of entertainment if you’d like. I was invited to participate in the first annual Funny Blog Friday BlogHop & it was confirmed…

someone thinks I’m funny & now there’s a whole ridiculous bunch of us that are going to make your Fridays extra awesome.

fbf-3 (1)

You’re welcome…We’re all happy to be here for you.
(Disclaimer: I do not have permission to speak on anyone’s behalf)

To make this dealio more enticing – we’re all offering Giveaways! Each blogger participating will be listed at the end of this post – with their individual giveaways and instructions to enter in their own space of the intraweb – I’ll provide you the links.

What’s your giveaway, Jen?
(Now I’m speaking for you…)

Ben (another blog-hopper) suggested that I giveaway an autographed picture of myself. Initially, I didn’t think the idea was awful; this is the picture I considered:

second grade jen

I mean… who can’t appreciate a pink-tasseled-heart-sweater & massive chompers? It’s funny…[I think].

In typical Jen-Fashion I became analytic to a fault & for a multitude of reasons I decided it was weird for me to giveaway a 2nd grade picture of myself. I wonder what would happen to it if I actually mailed it out to the “winner”.  Could they even really call themselves that? Congrats…?


So, anyway…you’re going to have to get through my Friday Funnies before I tell you what I’m giving away.

I suppose you could skip it, and just move on to the end…but I’m asking you nicely to just give it a chance…if you don’t like it: proceed. I hope you like my giveaway…even if you don’t think I’m funny.

Costumes might seem like an obvious topic for today. (Happy Halloween!)…but, I’m going to run with it – cliche or not. The thing is, up until a child is a certain age, parents have the ability to dress their kids in whatever they want them to be for Halloween. That’s some real power; some parents embrace it & some parents are stupid…I don’t think I need to elaborate. 


…I feel like I am able to see this kid’s parents. Who raises a child who thinks that this costume is that funny? That’s an odd, obnoxious family right there. Ridiculous.


But, funny. It’s not like the parents are forcing the kiddos to include actual meth in their costumes – and I’m assuming that any parent that is going to go to these measures to make their children look like Mr. White & Jesse… aren’t lazy or stupid. Their kids have no clue what they are…but they know everyone likes it & that… is what’s important. Right? 


I’m going to be honest – I’m not sure if this is a costume for Halloween or for a pageant of sorts… maybe? Isn’t it gross that’s even in the realm of possibilities? Ew.

I love Pretty Woman…along with the rest of my adult female friends – who the hello dresses their daughter up like a hooker? You can’t even play if off as anything even slightly more socially acceptable; everyone knows exactly who that hooker is. Someone call CPS.


…The obvious is first that this litte girl is dressed up as a topless mermaid. As if that’s not bad enough…that sir, behind her has a shirt on that says, “Mermaid Assistant”. I have nothing more to say about this.

I’m going to end on a non-creepy note…


Could these kids look anymore like the cast of Jersey Shore?…Yet, they are fully clothed & adorable. Way to go ‘rents!

all photos via: http://goo.gl/Xs8ANO
….If you skipped to the giveaway part of the post – you’ve found it.  

Since I decided against the photo… (you’re welcome) I’m offering a chance to win $50.00 towards your purchase of a Jersey Sweater

jersey sweaters

If you don’t see your favorite team…you can request a knit…pretty nice of them, eh?

If you don’t have a favorite football team, head over to Onside Chick where the ladies can help you figure that out… [aka: Get It Together].

To Enter:
Like Properly Ridiculous on Facebook
Or, Follow Me On Twitter…

Or comment on this blog post.
Giveaway Entries will be accepted until 12:00PM CST Sunday November 7th & the winner will be announced on Properly Ridiculous at 5:00PM CST that day.

Now…not to be bossy – but check out this ridiculous bunch of bloggers & their giveaways.

Happy Friday.

The Funny Blog Friday Blog-Hoppers:

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Karilin of That Nameless Color

[…we’ll be attempting to make every Friday funny on Twitter with the Hashtags: #FBF and #FunnyBlogFriday]

via: giphy.com
via: giphy.com

11 thoughts on “I’m funny…[I think].

  1. I was so happy when my fourteen year-old daughter announced that she wanted to dress up as a girl from the 50’s, complete with ponytail and poodle skirt.

    I had been sweating Halloween for a while, worried that she would fall in with the rest of the girls her age who use the holiday as a reason to dress up as tramps.

    Then she announced she had a new boyfriend who she referred to as “Ponyboy.”


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this! I’m actually excited for Halloween to be over so that I no longer have a list of offensive costumes presented to me. It’s getting quite tiring!


  3. Those costumes are disturbing, particularly the mermaid. WHAT!!! So freaking weird!! Also why would you dress your kids as Breaking Bad? What are they gonna tell people they dressed up as? Did they watch the show with you? What will their friends think? Are all 6-8 years old into that kind of thing? NOT COOL parents!! haha. Also to HE’s comment above…Ponyboy?! AHAHA!! OMG!!


  4. That was an awesome… and terrifying post… and I really hate to bug you… but I am also part of this funny blog project, but I got on the list late, and if there was any way you could edit your post and put my link in there too, that would be so nice… and I will owe you one… of… something…
    thank you!


  5. UGH, that little girl in the streetwalker outfit was in Toddlers and Tiaras. Ain’t nothin’ more scary than that show. I can’t get past the previews!

    And you followed it up with the mermaid thing . . . crap these people make Miley Cyrus’s dad look good.


  6. Thank GAWD! Now SOMETHING will be in the reader for me to peruse on Fridays. Brilliant! My HS English teacher gave away photos of himself. We collected them and earned extra credit. He’d approve. Me? I’d prefer lingerie, but no worries…I’ll read it anyway and you can keep the photo and save face (that was a nice funnee, not a dig). Toodles- Moi.


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