Google Search: Not Child Friendly

My 7 year old son wanted to Google Search Pokemon & Yugioh cards.

[I attempted to put the accent on that ‘e’… But, I’m on my phone and it seemed like a lot of work…]

I’m in a transitional stage of learning how I’m supposed to parent a big kid rather than a little kid. I was sitting right there…  What could possibly happen? I have this shit under control.

That’s what I thought.



Is what can happen when you let your 7 year old use Google Image Search for Pokemon combined with Yugioh.


Is the one that caught his eye…

Ohhh… My… Goodness. I was not prepared for him to sound that one out.

That is not a Pokemon card, kiddo…

Please don’t ever say that again.

Note to self: Google Image Search doesn’t give a crap how old the searcher is; regardless what they’re searching for.

2 thoughts on “Google Search: Not Child Friendly


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