Misunderstood Marshawn

Some people seem to have a bad taste in their mouth about Seattle Seahawks Running Back, Marshawn Lynch – aka: Beast Mode.

Ya know…

giphy (1) giphy (2)  giphy (4)

Him. He’s the one making all the plays, in case you weren’t sure.

– Marshawn Lynch [Disclaimer: I made that quote up – He never said that]

Perhaps you’re one of those people talking about how rude he is & being all judgey-pants…

Let me try to change your mind.

I enjoy Mr. Lynch’s style [which I say very broadly]. I wish the team I cheer for on Sundays had this guy on our team. I won’t get into the fact that he’s a pretty good football player [#understatement] – because…nobody seems to have a problem with that.

The only “problem” is that he doesn’t enjoy the media’s company.

But, he did say this…

More recently…

It’s not personal guys. He’s not trying to make Mr. Media Man or YOU angry or annoyed.


He’s a quiet dude & I like him, just the way he is.

We don’t get any more interview time than you get with him.”

He doesn’t talk with us, and doesn’t talk to you really.

On this football team, and all teams, there’s people that are more available than other people because they’re comfortable with that.

Seattle Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll

Yes, it is in NFL player’s standard contract to address the media. Yes, there are consequences for not following the guidelines of your contract. If Mr. Lynch wants to boycott the media – is it not his right to choose to pay that fine for not “fulfilling his media obligations”?

The media seems to have plenty to write about when he’s not talking… eat it up guys & stop bitching. There is no serious problem here.

letitgo demi


Let me educate you on a few things about Marshawn Lynch you may not know, the things that don’t make it to the media…

Marshawn Lynch has a buddy he played football with in College, named Justin Forsett. Rumor has it when Forsett was the backup running back, Marshawn would pretend to get tired so his buddy could get some plays in towards the end of the game.

To take that one step further…who’s to say Forsett would have made it into the NFL without getting a little help from his friend – or brother as they refer to each other.

Marshawn Lynch found a mans wallet in a Seattle gas station and drove to his house to return it to him.

He’s polite… Obviously – I mean…watch that second video. He says, “Thank you” and “I appreciate that” more than I’ve said it all year.

Marshawn Lynch is the co-founder & Vice President of The Fam 1st Family Foundation; “The foundation’s mission is one of empowerment and education, aiming to build self-esteem and academic learning skills in underprivileged youth.” [Such a rude thing to do.] He even took some time to talk about it at a charity dinner…

Not Saying, Just saying…

And while I’m at it…Not to get all uppity or pretentious but if I worked for the NFL this year…I wouldn’t want to put myself in the limelight either.

Marshawn Lynch has never given a crap – and you shouldn’t either.

Go talk to Russell Wilson & lighten up.

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