Saved By The Bell: Life Lessons

Before school, after school…Heck, I even watched an episode of Saved By The Bell last January at a bar in Florida while I ate Nachos [yeah, that’s true]. I’ve watched every episode – and was still excited when it became available on Netflix. I owe many of my good decision making skills to this gem of a show.

Don’t believe me?


That’s okay…

Things Saved By The Bell Taught Me:

Don’t Drink & Drive

I’ve never gotten a drunk driving ticket…thanks to Saved By The Bell, they taught me it’s just not a good idea.


Bad move Morris. Lisa’s mom is going to find out you crashed her car & life will never be the same.

Drugs Are Bad

Caffine Pills are seriously addicting & make you very EXCITED; to the point where you might not be able to hide it.

giphy so excited

She NEEDS them…

Thankfully she was able to get past the addiction with a little help from her friends…

Animals Matter Too!


When a duck is drenched in oil, leave it to Zack Morris and the gang to teach the value of human kindness; poor duck wouldn’t have made it without them. Later in the episode, they chained themselves to an oil dealio in the middle of the hallway.

Let’s be real though…this was the best.


Not only did this episode teach us to protect the animals – it also taught us to stick up for what we believe in…even if that means spraying oil all over a demonstration.

Stay Positive, Girls!

Kelly Kapowski taught me that no matter what…keep smiling & you can still be the hottest girl in school.


Even Lisa…who didn’t have much to offer…

Made the best out of bad situations.

The Art Of Facial Expressions

There are so many times words do not need to be spoken…and a simple movement of your face can say it all. The teens at Bayside High (male & female alike…) showed me & I took notes.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-8422-1390504580-4anigif_enhanced-buzz-2415-1378969628-5 (1)anigif_enhanced-buzz-10868-1390504117-4

Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

I’m talking about Dustin Diamond [aka: Screech]. Nothing ever went as planned for him while at Bayside or once out in the real world.

I mean, we’re talking being rejected about 5,326 times by Lisa Turtle.


Then his best friend Zack went and got all up on her..


I’d have to imagine that’s why DD turned to the adult film industry…and most recently, stabbing someone in Wisconsin.


Poor Screech; get it together.

Overall, I’d say Saved By The Bell helped mold me into the dysfunctional person I am today & for that…I’d like to thank Zack, Slater, Screech [then, not now], Lisa, Jessie & Kelly.

…Maybe even Mr. Belding.


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