I Want To Understand The Incomprehensible

News stories that involve awful parents & kids in unfortunate situations are nothing foreign to the typical Nancy Grace fan, such as myself.

It’s almost shameful that it’s a form of entertainment. It doesn’t bring pleasure, or happiness when they describe what’s happened to innocent children who don’t stand a chance. As a mother, or possibly just as a [normal] human being I have a hard time comprehending how anyone can knowingly & willingly harm someone so harmless. It’s brought to an entirely different level when the offense is being committed by one of the few people the victim is supposed to be protected by

Early Thursday morning a beautiful 5 year old girl, named Phoebe Jonchuck was thrown off a bridge in Florida by her father, John Jonchuck.

According to the Tampa Bay Times:

Jonchuck asked Torres [his custody attorney] to read a Bible in Swedish. He told her she was God, the Creator. He asked Torres to accompany him to a church so he could be baptized. She refused, and he told her to stop the case.

“Don’t file the paperwork,” he told her. “It’s not going to matter anymore.”

“He’s out of his mind, and he has a minor child with him driving to the church now,” Torres told a 911 operator afterward.

Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputies found Jonchuck and Phoebe at St. Paul’s Catholic Church on N Dale Mabry Highway, where he was meeting with a priest to join the flock.

Jonchuck told them God had spoken to him in the past, according to a Sheriff’s Office report. He said that “he did not feel like hurting himself or anyone else.”

Deputies determined he was healthy, not a threat, and that Phoebe appeared happy.


I can’t help but wonder if the police knew the caliber of that 911 call. I question what they thought he meant when he said, “It’s not going to matter anymore”. 

It didn’t take long for this to make national news.

Blogger, Janie Porter very gracefully authored an open letter that quickly went viral to this little girl; she said and challenged what so many of us wish we had the ability to.

It’s not fair that my son can say, “Mama?” in his sweet, hollow, innocent tone, and I can respond immediately, but you didn’t have anyone to call on during the most terrifying final seconds of your life.

When I was younger I believed that parental instinct was a natural thing that happened to everyone who procreated. Something I’ve learned is that people actually exist who are incapable of providing the type of love deserved to children that they brought into this world. These selfish beings do not know how to place any individual in front of themselves.

I want to know what justice will be served for the innocent kids who depend on the county & government to protect them when their parents choose not to. I want to know what these monsters have to say for themselves. I want to understand the incomprehensible. Rarely does the punishment fit the crime & seldom after the justice system has ran its course do I feel any better about these tragedies.

This is the reason these heart wrenching stories become a part of me; the reason why I can’t shake them. Who was there for Caylee Anthony? Who was there for Haleigh Cummings?

Who was there for Phoebe Jonchuck?


I remember my dad always saying…

You need a license to fish. You need a license to drive a vehicle. You need a license tend a bar…

Any John, Dick, Harry or Mary can have a kid.

And now it makes sense.

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