Bend Ova – But Don’t Embarrass Yourself

I wanted to take some time & formally thank Lil Jon for not coming out with the snappy tune, “Bend Ova'” while I was frequenting the club scene as an 18 year old white girl.

It would have shamed me; that’s a fact.

[Sidenote: I love that video as much I liked that other crazy one…]

I can only imagine what happens when Make Your Knees Touch Your Elbows spews from the speakers at the club. Poor white girls with negative rhythm are shakin’ their non-booty’s on the dance floor… lord help them.

So, yeah…Um…With that being said…I just realized Get Low was on at the club when I was 18.

I know what’s up.

Ladies, I promise…this is what you look like.

giphy (3)

Or this… if you’re lucky:

giphy (1)

This has been a public service announcement brought to you from the kindness of my heart & lack of rhythm.



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