I Support Pizza

I’m going to order a pizza from pizza hut. – Husband

I support that decision. – Me


After I said it, I had a quick thought.

I’m not 100% sold on it myself… but, does I support seems like an overused statement?

I’m going to talk it out and figure out where I stand…

beCause,that’s my point.

Before you say you support something – educate yourself on it.

I support google search

I bet… majority more than 1/3 of the people who searched any of the above options, that my support for the delicious pizza that’s coming to my door – is more uneducatedsupportsincere than their support for single moms and/or Officer Wilson. If you claim to support something please be prepared to explain yourself when I ask you why.

Do you support Officer Wilson? Michael Brown; or you suddenly just support Ferguson in general? How come? What makes you feel that way? If you can’t come up with a single original thought, by all means…feel free to hop on the web & find some facts.

I can tell you, I support the pizza because:

  1. I’m starving…pretty much to the point of withering away.
  2. I haven’t had pizza in a solid…4 days. I need it.
  3. Pizza is my favorite food because cheese is amazing & any sort of carb rock my socks off.
  4. My husband took care of dinner & there is no mess to clean up.
  5. He also got wings. [Garlic Parmesan]

Five solid reasons to back up my support. Wasn’t difficult to come up with because I hold a stance on the issue. Sure, pizza may seem unimportant but, nonetheless – I feel I used the remark appropriately.

I figured it out.

The phrase I support is not overused, but the terminology should be more than a mere utterance. It does not matter how big or small the issue behind the expression is. What does matter is that your “support” is backed up with reasoning.

Ignorance is not okay.

Thanks for getting through that with me.

9 thoughts on “I Support Pizza

  1. so feel you. but can you support a cause in general (pizza), while not being down with details of the situation (pepperoni, anchovies, bell peppers, mushrooms)? in pizza, like in life, it’s complicated. let’s not even get started on crust options . . . eesh. i support you gettin’ your nomnom on, though. for real! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate that.
      Ya know, you’re right… I suppose you do not need to be down with the details. You can be supportive, yet… uneducated as long as you’re not running your mouth like an idiot.
      Not you – just in general.


  2. I think you are totally off base! How darn you bring pizza into this situation and not offer any to us to base our decision on whether or not you are correct? At least invite us over and offer us pizza…then maybe we can support it.


  3. We order pizza every Friday. Sometimes Pizza Hut. Sometimes Dominos. Sometimes our local place, Pizza Bolis.
    I always support the decision mostly because it’s always my idea.
    Those who don’t support pizza are far too conservative for my tastes.


  4. I support this decision because:
    1. I also love pizza.
    2. Pizza is my go to food.
    3. I am feeling hungry right now.
    4. Delivery is way easier than driving somewhere.
    5. I respect many of your opinions because you support them by reasoning.
    6. You are a Vikings fan and when you aren’t you usually support the Seahawks.



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