Dear Size 10 Dress…

Dear Size 10 Dress,

I just received notification you’ve been delivered & currently you’re sitting patiently on my front stoop, in a box. I hope you had nice travels and you’re in good spirits because I might have some unpleasant things to say to you.

It’s not your fault.

Regardless of what I say, or the temper tantrum I have while trying to get you to zip, please remember that I need you. We’re in this together – very tightly.

You’re going to be worn in a wedding in June & I intentionally ordered you too small.


This is not the first time I’ve done this. If you’d like… I can place you next to my Size 8 wedding dress that went through similar verbal abuse from me. Perhaps, she can help you get through it.

In 5 months, we’ll be getting along much better & I’ll thank you for the encouragement. Currently, we’re not speaking; I might even leave you in the box for a week or two.

It’s not you, it’s me.


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