Dear Copps [In Appleton, Wisconsin on Ballard Road]

I stopped into your grocery store, yesterday early afternoon to pick up some necessities for copps open letter super bown necessitiesthe Superbowl game; tampons, cupcakes & Coors Light.

I typically praise your establishment – before moving to the area, I was more of a Piggly Wiggly kinda gal.

Sidnote: 7 years ago – before I moved to Wisconsin, I thought Piggly Wiggly was a made up grocery store for the movies.  

Before I get ahead of myself let me create a visual of the weather so people can exercise their imaginations accordingly. It’s cold. Insanely windy…I drove through three snow-tornado-spinney-deals on my way through your parking lot. It’s gross & disgusting.

weather channel

That’s legit but, if I was going to show you something with less credibility…

It’d be more like this:

giphy (2)


Wearing her puffy jacket with a fur-lined hood…she’s shoveling the nasty muck all the vehicles have shoved into the walk way in front of your store.

Why is that? Who told her to do that? I picture someone who surely doesn’t want to go shovel themselves…if it was a guy… shame on you.

I briskly made my way through the slop…because it’s miserable outside, but I stopped to say to her…

Are there no able bodied men inside who could be shoveling?

I’d start a petition if I were you…

She gave me this, you have no idea look that I’m decently familiar with.


Inside the warm, cozy building not surprisingly I see a minimum of 5 men putting away produce. I’m not blaming these guys… they are also, just doing their job; doing what they were told to do by hopefully, you – Mr. Manager at Copps in Appleton, on Ballard Road.

I’m not a feminist, obviously.

Please get some men/boys/guys out there to help a girl out. If this girl offered to shovel – more power to her. Good for her; it’s not the most business savvy decision either way.  She was struggling; that’s a fact. I’m sure I’m not the only person out of the the plethora of people making last minute trips to the grocery store on Superbowl Sunday to acknowledge it. – it’s a mess & certainly not that young lady’s fault.



5 thoughts on “Dear Copps [In Appleton, Wisconsin on Ballard Road]

      1. I would love to be doing that way more than being at work today. That game was brutal last night. I’m just glad we aren’t full on Seahawks fans! We are Vikings fans where our hearts are broken over long lifetimes instead of in one big game.



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