Maybe you kiss your dad on the lips, I don’t.

My morning went something like this:

Oh, hey Monday…let’s kick some ass today. 

*opens internet browser*




That was my Monday morning in a nutshell. The picture of Bill Belichick kissing his daughter after the Superbowl – I don’t like it.

I thought I was the norm, for that picture to make me uncomfortable. I figured everyone kinda threw up in their mouth after seeing that…but apparently there are quite a few Patriot fans who completely condone mouth kissing your adult daughter. Buzzfeed got it handed to them by a bunch of daughters basically screaming that they kiss their dad – it’s love. They went on to discuss how it’s wrong and inappropriate that anyone would “sexualize” that moment.

far fetched comment Untitled picture Untitled picture1

giphy (1)

Let’s go over this

  1. I understand that this photo – may seem more passionate than intended. Note taken.
  2. I’m aware the smooch probably lasted milliseconds.
  3. Both of their eyes are closed.  I kiss my husband that way, not my dad.
  4. The pressure between their faces is pronounced.
  5. The visual of this thumb grasping her, makes it worse.

No, I do not think Bill has any sort of intimate relationship with his daughter. Yes, I do believe this is normal in some families.

Do I find it odd? Yes, I do. My son is eight years old – I still kiss him on the lips, but it’s becoming much more common for me to turn my cheek and let him smooch me there instead……..

Because he is getting older.

Is this more normal than I think? To each their own, I guess.

4 thoughts on “Maybe you kiss your dad on the lips, I don’t.

  1. I remember the last time I kissed my dad. I was young… not even in school yet. It was our routine to file past his reclining on the way to bed to kiss him goodnight. I remember deciding that I wasn’t going to do that anymore, and I didn’t. That’s probably not normal either, but at least ya won’t catch me makin’ out with my dad.


    1. That’s awesome…
      I remember when I stopped holding my dad’s hand, even! I support your decision to not kiss your dad, and also your annoyance of auto-correct.
      “No… I didn’t mean to say Ducking, you idiot.”
      I appreciate the follow & you stopping by.
      Happy Friday!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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