Negative 20 Degrees? No Big Deal.

Will someone please start a petition for us folks over here in the tundra? I would, but… it seems like it could be a lot of work.

When it feels like -20 degrees, we should have the right to stay in the houses we’re paying to heat. If the weather man is acknowledging that the air… outside my [heated] house has potential to cause hypothermia – I do not care if the actual temperature is 3 degrees.

If you pay for short-term disability, I suggest you talk to your employer about utilizing that.

I’m thinking about trying to get a doctor’s note or something; it’s causing me pain. Leaving anywhere to go anywhere, when it’s this cold requires a pep talk…

It’s not that cold.    

[That’s it.]

Swing the door open, instantly my face hurts. My eyeballs attempt to adapt to the frigid

Me: If I was William H. Macy [via:]
breeze & my cheeks are burning. The next thing that happens? Every single particle of warmness is sucked out of my body, throwing my lungs into shock. It never fails; I gasp like I just got sucker-punched. I love the relief of seeing the vehicle I’m quickly trekking to

…so I can get inside, where it’s ALSO FREEZING

My lower back starts to cramp up from hunching over like a little old lady; shivering just to make my blood move around. If I’m getting sore – please tell me I’m burning some serious calories in the process. Don’t even get me started talking about if I forget to empty my bladder before getting slapped with the -20 degrees; it’s like… an instant emergency.

I hate seeing people run outside when it’s like this. I will admit, I may be ignorant about winter running and this is coming from pure jealousy of the motivation, but…

Seriously… stop it. You can take a day off. 

I have dreams nightmares – if I don’t run into Target fast enough, my nose falls off from pure coldness & nothing more; slides right off. Does anyone in Alabama wake up to that?!

My Resting Bitch Face Sister: Kristen Stewart, Says…No. [Via:]
They don’t. Why do I live here?

3 thoughts on “Negative 20 Degrees? No Big Deal.

  1. I remember working OUTSIDE in -30 degrees one Christmas break. That was just really dumb. Not sure why I did it. Though I can’t complain because I’m been living in relative warmth in Seattle for the last 14 years.


    1. Where are you originally from, Ben?
      I’d take gray skies & rain over frigid air paired with ice and snow…
      I’m not sure if that’s a stereotype of Seattle, or if it’s true…I hope it is though…
      Someday I want to vacation there & have it rain nonstop…so I can guilt free just sit in my hotel & order room service…
      …cause that’d be a perfect vacation.

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      1. It isn’t really a stereotype. While we do get sun in the summertime, it is usually way late in the year, like after 4th of July some years. I’m originally from Sioux Falls, SD. Not quite as bad as Wisconsin, but I remember being miserable with the harsh, superlong winters.

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