I look dumb.

Bennett ran into his friend at a super cool, [loud-not-annoying-at-all] kids event we took him to last weekend.

[I’ll spare you the details]…

This friend of his pointed at me and asked my son if I was his mom.

She looks dumb.

When my kiddo was telling me this, I could see he was worried. He asked if it hurt my feelings & I very matter-o-factly told him …

I am very aware that I’m not dumb – someone’s words do not make me feel bad about myself.


Who knew being called dumb by an 8 year old would result in such a nice lesson.

I’m glad we had that talk.

3 thoughts on “I look dumb.

  1. He’s an eight year old…..he didn’t think you were dumb. He was covering up the fact that he probably thought you were attractive and could never admit that to his friend. So he used the word dumb. Eight year olds boys are a different breed. They sometimes express their feelings in hurtful or silly ways. I’d like to say they grow out if it but in some ways they never do. But you handled it perfectly.



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