More Importantly: Why was Dez Bryant at Walmart?

I guess Dez Bryant did something 5 times worse than Ray Rice…and it was also captured on video.

[Schefter confirms rumor of Dez Bryant video]

What are the odds, really? Whatever it was, it supposedly happened at Walmart. What is 5 times worse? Whose opinion is that? I am going to chalk it up to a generalized statement that can be summed up with:

He did something pretty #ucking bad

And that is where I will leave it, until I see it.

I am more concerned with why Dez Bryant was at Walmart, if I’m being honest. Doesn’t he have people who can go to Walmart for him, if that’s where he chooses to purchase goods? I understand their great prices, but I’m not rich & I still prefer Target.

There is an entire website dedicated to people who shop at Walmart. These are the things that happen at Walmart:

ball-fail-walmart gif-walmart-pumpkin-fail walmart-ball-pit-gif



You cannot get a Venti Medium Roast Coffee while strolling through Walmart & if you could, it would probably get knocked outta your hand by someone that’s not paying attention.

I just don’t get it. Why would anyone… especially someone with a plethora of money choose to spend their time in that dimly lit, over congested….

I’ll just stop there.

4 thoughts on “More Importantly: Why was Dez Bryant at Walmart?

  1. So we’re talking about Dez Bryant and Walmart, huh? A couple of entities that seem to deserve each other. I’ve viewed that Walmart site. As evidenced by to clips above, it’s not pretty. The scary part is all those people are driving cars, which is why flying is a safer choice. I’ve also seen way too much of Dez Bryant and if I don’t see his arrogant self on the screen again it’ll be too soon. His decision making has been so good that his team has behavior clauses in his contract and people who have had to shadow him so he avoids trouble. So my guess is he went into that dimly lit overly congested place and……
    I’ll just stop there.


      1. Yes, he apparently assaulted his mother a couple of years ago. Slapped her around when she asked him to leave her home. She had some bruises and her blouse and bra were ripped. His mother isn’t exactly the Mother Theresa type. She served some time for dealing crack cocaine so I’m guessing role models were at a premium.

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