I gave up The Bachelor this year [which is kind of a big deal].

I committed a lot of my life to that show. Year after year after year…after year at 2 hours a pop. I took Dez’s season off, because I didn’t like her, but I didn’t feel good about it.

giphy (2)

This is Dez, depicting how I felt when I found out she was the next Bachelorette.


What if that actually happened & I missed it?

Initially, I watched it for the love story.


I mean look at those two – they obviously already love each other & it’s probably their first date.

Of course, I watched it for the drama.

giphy (1)

There’s just something about the combination of cheap wine & The Bachelor that brings out the real bitch in me. My living room is by no means a judgement-free-zone when The Bachelor(ette) is on the television.

giphy (3)

Later in the 8 year ordeal, I stumbled upon a blog that gives spoilers & points out editing flaws. This guy changes everything.


This is Chris Harrison depicting how Reality Steve probably feels.

I didn’t even make it past the 4th commercial break of the first episode of The Bachelor this season. For the first time ever, I did not want to spend 2 hours a week watching that shit.

5 thoughts on “I gave up The Bachelor this year [which is kind of a big deal].

  1. Yes!!!!!! Now if we can only get another 10 million or so other people feeling the same way we can the networks to remove his trash. Of cause it wasn’t trash when you were watching it….just this year…:)


    1. Only this year – and Dez’s year……..
      The rest of the years provided me with insight regarding life, love and drama & I wouldn’t change it for anything.
      [Yes I would – I would take every single minute back if I could]


  2. I quit watching a couple of years ago, too. It just…when you see it over and over again result in nothing but a little fame for the people on it, it’s like watching intervention for me.


      1. Good for you. Maybe it is a sign that now you are 30 your tastes are more discriminating.
        The other day, I realized that the thing that attracts me to shows is if I would want to live in their world, I like the show. If I don’t, it’s just a show I make fun of. So Community, Brooklyn 99, those are people I would want to hang out with. The trolls on Bachelor, no thanks.



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