Properly Ridiculous Pondering

The weather man said it was going to be partly sunny today… how does that differ from partly cloudy? Are they able to detect how close the sun is to the clouds…? What else could it be based on?


Why isn’t gardening taught in school? 

Small candy bars should not be called fun-size. They are mini (i.e. not fun).

giphy (1)

[That’s me when my fun is over & I have to get another]

Why would anyone choose to spend money on a Nissan Cube and then drive around in public?


Why is it, every-single-time I attempt to use a public bathroom I always choose the stall that’s disgusting? Additionally, why are some women so gross?

giphy (2)

Why does everyone point out left-handed people? It legitimately bothers me.

Oh, you’re left handed!

giphy (3)

It especially baffles me when they want to talk about how weird it is. No. It’s not. It’s of no importance.

Please stop.

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