“Um, Your Son Just Said The ‘N’ Word…”

I’m sorry…

what did you say?

I am staring back at a young boy, who is hired by the service I pay to watch my 1st grader after school as if he’s speaking in a foreign language.


Dead locked. He’s serious.

Normally, my interactions with this kid (not mine – the kid watching my kid) are pleasant & I’d take his word for it, however, nearby there is a group of children… maybe 12 years old?

They are very cool. Like, the coolest kids on the block. They have this song…

…blaring out of their too cool for school phones, or ipads… whatever…

So, I break this stare down & say, “Do you think it might be, because that song is playing?”…

giphy (1)


That’s what he says to me. No. In my head, I am shaking him violently


…but I’m calmly just staring at him while this tune plays…over & over & over.

I took my kid, walked into the school & grabbed the secretary. Call me a tattle-tale, or say that I “went all mom“…[it wouldn’t be the first time I did.]

There was a community rummage sale going on in the gymnasium – which would explain the plethora of children outside. I was explaining what has all happened up to this point and let me tell you, this woman means business, not just this time, but all the time.

Her eyebrows furrowed and we marched out there together. I sent my kid over to the car with his dad…because, as much as this is necessary – my plan is not to embarrass my own – just the cool kids.

The same song is playing… I can still hear it as we walk up. She very sternly stands with her hands on her hips & I follow her lead.


[This is the Secretary]



giphy (1) 

[This is me]

We then strutted away like the bad-ass grownups we are.

giphy (2)

One thought on ““Um, Your Son Just Said The ‘N’ Word…”

  1. LOL….so did the bad ass grownups ever look back to see if they left or turned the music off? Now if you would have dragged the offenders into the gym by their ears and layed into the kid and his/parent, then you’d be going Dirty Harry on me. Maybe next time? 😊

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