Christmas Decor In March

I drive past a house every day on my way home from work. For the entire month of February I made mental note of their Christmas tree, still lit up in the window…looking all Christmasy… in February and then March.

giphy (2)

They could have at least threw some hearts on it & called it a Valentine’s Day Tree or something; that’d make sense.

Last week, as I drove by…I see the Christmas tree sitting on the curb – waiting to be disposed of.


Quickly after exclaiming that in my head, I realize I was way too emotionally invested in these people’s décor decisions. While I’m having this completely ridiculous inner dialogue in my head, I noticed something…



All along I’ve been so [irrationally] worried about their Christmas tree that I didn’t notice… they never took their wreath down either.

How do you walk past a CHRISTMAS wreath that’s hanging on your front door WITH A BIG RED BOW day after day?

giphy (1)

Do they like it that much? Are they that lazy? Why is it still there?!

I can’t keep this to myself any longer; I need to know.

15 thoughts on “Christmas Decor In March

  1. One half of a duplex in my neighborhood still has their outdoor Christmas lights up, and when I say Christmas lights, I don’t mean a couple of strings of LEDs; I’m talking some sort of obnoxiously strange red and green disco ball Rube Goldberg setup with flashing strobes, moving projected images and optional fully-operational Death Star. It’s like Rudolph’s First Rave up in there and they clearly have no intention of taking it down.

    At this point I’m just waiting for the residents of the other half of the duplex to snap. One day I’m going to walk by on my way to the gym and there’s going to be nothing but a giant smoking pile of rubble where the place used to be.

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    1. That would not fly. If our houses are attached… we best have some sort of mutual understanding when it comes to holidays. Those poor people.
      I think I might start an online petition… This is getting pretty serious.


      1. If you visited my neighborhood, you might break down weeping. There’s a house on the corner whose occupants decided to collect all the discarded trees (and one lonely wreath, bless its heart) the neighbors left out for disposal and pile them all up in a heap on their own lawn, leftover tinsel and all.

        They smoke a lot of pot, which might explain, though certainly not excuse, their assumption that this was a good design choice for the yard.

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  2. I love Christmas but keeping lights up too long is a pet peeve of mine, especially when they’re up through the summer. That being said, I did dress up as Santa in July and walk the beach. It was a blast.


  3. I live in a small town near portland oregon, and our post office still has their Christmas tree up. It REALLY bugs me for some reason. I never thought I was an uptight person, but this one leftover tree is teaching me otherwise. 😦

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