Construction Zones Are Awful [but slow the #uck down]

I have places to be…I’m super important. 


My kid needs to get to school. I have to go to work. I need to get to Kwik Trip by 8:30AM if I’m going to get my crucial snacks. After work, I need to get to the grocery store as fast as humanly possible

…so I can get home, put on my pajamas and eat food.

giphy (1)

giphy (2)

Rarely do I think anyone else on the road has the same passion for their priorities; my obligations are pretty high up on the totem pole.

christmas vacation car speed gif


What’s that?

Everyone has somewhere to be? That’s why they’re in their vehicles going somewhere?

oh gif


Now that we’ve established that we’re all trying to get somewhere…


I’m not a fan of the 10 MPH difference either. Something that helps me deal with it, is remembering there are real people…actual human beings hanging out 10 feet away from idiot drivers.That sounds terrifying. These people who have families and pajamas to get into when they get home.

I’d rather clean a taco bell bathroom…

giphy (3)

…than stand on the highway to fix/create/move roads while people fly through congested, uneven lanes with nothing more than a cement barrier to tell the driver..

“Hey. People are working here. Be careful.”

That’s all the barrier will do. It cannot stop something traveling 65, 70…75 MPH from plowing through it, and everything that is positioned behind it.

It warns, that’s it.

So, slow the #uck down…

[in school zones, too].

cat going through traffic gif

[…I just really liked this gif…]

3 thoughts on “Construction Zones Are Awful [but slow the #uck down]

  1. I just attended a speed awareness course, actually (34 in a 30! My bad…). And yes, I agree COMPLETELY!! I now no longer view speed cameras and cops with radar guns as the enemy… there is good reason for reduced speed zones, as annoying as they are. So fine. People can get annoyed at me poodling along at 30 in a… wait for it…. 30 mph zone! 😀 But I’m telling you, I saved myself and the line of traffic behind me tickets a few weeks ago when we passed the copper with his radar standing on the verge. Life can change or end in a heartbeat, though. Everyone needs to slow the uck down.



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