Jack & Jill: A Love Story [Friday Fictioneers]

The song that played their love story 70 years ago, filled the air. She knew he had something to do with it, at least she liked to think so.

Oh, Jack… there you go again.

In a park not far away, the music continued to pull her heart in the right direction.  She found it & stopped; each beautiful instrument reminding her of old memories. In her imagination they were dancing on the grass, his arms tight around her waist; 18 again.

When it concluded, she cried & slowly meandered home with a smile on her face.

True love never disappears.

[PHOTO PROMPT ©David Stewart]
[[PHOTO PROMPT ©David Stewart]

This was written in response to: Friday Fictioneers. The objective of Friday Fictioneers is to challenge yourself to write a 100 word story that is influenced by a single photo. If you’d like to learn more and/or participate, click on the photo prompt above. 

21 thoughts on “Jack & Jill: A Love Story [Friday Fictioneers]

  1. She remembers the good times when strong arms once held her
    the way he could melt her with a soft, gentle kiss
    She’d trade all tomorrows for one single yesterday
    If she could just feel that way one time again.

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