3 [Questionable] Things I’d Take To A Deserted Island

I was thinking about what I’d take with me to a deserted island… because that’s what I do when there’s a break in my super intelligent inner-dialogue.

I was trying to be as logical as possible…

1.) Caffeine, because I get a terrible headache & I don’t even like myself when I don’t have it.


2.) Mascara – Makes me feel good. If I was going to live on a deserted island, I find I’m much more productive when I feel good about myself.

giphy (1)

3.) Tweezers – See explanation for #2.

giphy (2)

Looking at that list, even I am surprised – and it’s my list. If I was asked that question on any sort of public forum (because I am very important…) and that’s what I said people would not have the proper idea of who I am.

I hope I’m never asked that question – I’m going to think of a better answer to save face.

For the record though, I still stand by my 3 things.

9 thoughts on “3 [Questionable] Things I’d Take To A Deserted Island

  1. Lucky for you, no one will EVAH ask for the QUESTIONABLE items list…they’ll want the raw truth list. Prepare yourself. I think an island would be lonely….maybe, you just need to swap out one item and replace it with a mirror– that way you can see (and talk) to your beautiful self….Lolz.-

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