Throwback Thursday: Because I Was An Ugly Kid

I understand that everyone went through an awkward phase; but mine was especially cruel. For the past few Throwback Thursdays, I have shared pictures of myself on social media.

Figured…why not share it on Properly Ridiculous?

I wonder what I would do if I was a cute kid back then – would I still share the pictures? Would that be like bragging? Am I still bragging when I share the ugly ones…seeing that I ended up looking at least normal?

No matter what… I think it’s funny [and maybe I can give some hope to ugly kids].


And for good measure… I’ll grace ya with a few more.



I loved that color changing windbreaker more than anything.


There’s a good chance I matched the puffy headband with my flannel.


At this point, I’m just happy I grew into my teeth.


Yep, again with the teeth. I believe the huge pink hair piece was supposed to distract from my chompers.

There were many more of these pictures during my wedding slideshow…


So there you have it ugly kids…

You still have a chance to turn out looking normal.

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