ALERT: People Aren’t Using All Their Government Grocery Allowances.

foodshare wisconsin fox11 investigates properly ridiculous

I was expecting something better than, People Aren’t Using All Their Government Grocery Allowances when I clicked on that link.

I’m not suggesting it’s not bogus that people’s food stamp balances exceed $10,000 – but I have to imagine that’s pretty few and far between & the most extreme of cases. Abuse of the system happens regularly and it’s rarely investigated – just griped about.

People sell their food stamp funds for cash at 50%.  I know someone who intentionally didn’t pay an electric bill because once the disconnection notice arrived, it could be brought down to the county office for some “help”. People have their hours reduced at work, so they can receive more government benefits.

What happened to doing what you have to do? …Making it work?

I’m thankful that I live in a country that offers assistance to people who need help. I’ve received help. When I no longer needed it, I walked into my son’s school with a check for his lunch account. I was told to keep it & it was clear they weren’t able to wrap their heads around the idea that I wanted to pay for my son’s lunches.

PRIDE / A feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements.

It was explained to me, they’d rather have my son continue to receive free lunches for the rest of the year for statistical, grant & money purposes…

This [Foodshare] is supposed to be a “need-based program. And if those benefits are going unused, certainly, in the large amounts you had shown me last year, really creates concerns that the program isn’t functioning as it was intended.

-State Rep. Andre Jacque (R-De Pere) [Wisconsin]

Excuse me, Mr Jacque? The program isn’t functioning as intended…& the people who are hoarding the funds are a small piece of the pie. The claim that Foodshare is a Need-Based program is laughable. There’s no way to stop the vast array of ways people abuse the system, but I have an idea.

Why not make it more difficult to get hand outs? 

For the record, I do not say hand-outs negatively; that’s what they are. Free stuff to those in need; to be used as a last resort.

If every option has been explored [and then some] & assistance from an organization or the government is needed, for lack of better terms, people should be willing to jump through a few hoops… while still being grateful at the end of the process.

The people who feel entitled to welfare, and other programs will continue to feel that way until it’s no longer convenient.

Fox 11, perhaps you should investigate that.


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