The Thing About Common Sense Is…

You’re born with it. You cannot be taught common sense. No book or YouTube video can teach the art behind it…because there’s no art.

I have met young children who have more common sense than adults. Sometimes, I wonder what it’s like to be clueless [meant in the least-bitchy way possible…if that’s possible].

Common sense is not an all-or-nothing thing; there are levels or something like that…  [I haven’t done any real research].

If someone has a low level of common sense paired with an undesirable trait, that undesirable trait is inflated by 303%.

Ignorance & Low Level of Common Sense

giphy (1)

If you are ignorant & lack  common sense, you’re frustrating a lot of people who do not hold either of those shitty qualities. You refuse to listen or reason once your mind is made up…


Entitled & Low Level of Common Sense

giphy (2)

If you have entitlement issues and don’t rank especially high in the common sense department, you probably say a lot of things that are borderline or absolutely inappropriate.


Smart  & Low Level of Common Sense

Even good qualities matched with a low level of common sense can be terrible.

giphy (4)

It worries me that there are smart people who passed a lot of really hard tests and in turn hold really important jobs that require common sense, and may not have it.

Police Officers. Teachers. Doctors. They are all just people, like you & I who passed the tests. You can be [book] smart & lack common sense.

It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.

-Robert Green Ingersoll

Relax, I’m not implying there aren’t super-awesome, great people in those professions.


If you’re holding a position where common sense is required…there should be a Common-Sense-Test [CST] you have to pass.  I’ve prepared a concept I’d like to propose; I’m still trying to figure out who I need to get in touch with.

For now, you will do just fine.

I’m going to start a company that offers services to follow candidates for important professions around.

giphy (3)

Thank you.

I’ve given this serious consideration. I’m a good judge of [common sense] character. It can’t take more than 2-3 hours per candidate. After observing for a length of time long enough to make sound judgement & short enough to not be considered stalking… I’ll strike up a conversation – ask a few common sense questions…

BOOM. Pay me. That’s a service. 

And that’s the thing about common sense.

One thought on “The Thing About Common Sense Is…

  1. It’s normally the ‘smart’ community that lack common sense. Mainly because they learn by being taught and I can’t be taught. It should be called rare sense.



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