National High Five Day

I’m not one for made up days dedicated to things that don’t really matter. 

Fact #1: I love high fives.

Fact #2: High Fives Matter & should absolutely have a day.

When I was in my early 20’s my brother & I shared a townhouse.

We High Five Around Here

was plastered on an 8.5×11 piece of printer paper that I sloppily penned & taped up by the front door. It wasn’t expensive decor, but it’s what we stood for [and still do]. It became a motto that a lot of our friends still use today & that’s what a National Day should be about.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day?

giphy (2)No. The only time it’s appropriate to dress your pet, is if you have a fat cat & put it in a sweater. I like that, but it doesn’t need a DAY to celebrate. People who dress their animals do it regularly and anyone who doesn’t won’t run to the store to purchase an outfit for their pet…because the internet claimed it was a holiday of sorts. 

I forgive you, Bob. [via:]
I forgive you, Bob. [via:]
National Forgiveness Day? No. If someone in your life did something shitty, or you did something shitty – the time will or will not come for forgiveness. I highly doubt signing onto social media and finding out that it’s National Forgiveness Day has repaired many relationships.

National Ask A Stupid Question Day? No. What is the purpose of having a day that recognizes stupid questions? The only thing this “holiday” does is provide proof that there actually are stupid questions. 

Not only is today, National High Five Day (YES!) it is also National Wear

Your Pajamas To Work Day. No. If I showed up to work today in what I wore to bed last night and justified it by saying.

What? Today is THE DAY!

I’d be sent home without pay. If you’re going to declare it a day of recognition I should be getting paid if I’m not at work.



Happy National High Five Day, Everyone!

4 thoughts on “National High Five Day

  1. High fives definitely matter. A friend of mine really hates it when she sees someone go in for a high five only to be left hanging, so she’s adopted the practice of yelling “HIGH FIVE RESCUE SQUAD” and leaping in to complete the denied high five. She’s a true humanitarian.

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